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Dodgers MVP Program


The Dodgers MVP Program: Encouraging STEM Education is a free, easy-to-use and powerful education tool for third and fourth grade teachers. Used in 400 classrooms throughout Oklahoma City, the Dodgers MVP Program helps teachers motivate students to learn and participate inside and outside the classroom - at absolutely no cost to teachers or their students - by recognizing and rewarding students for their achievements.

Best of all, five students from each classroom will earn once-in-a-lifetime experiences, giving their families something to be truly proud of.

The Dodgers MVP Program: Encouraging STEM Education is 100% free. We'll provide teachers with all the materials they will need for their students and the packets that each of their winners will receive.

You get rewarded too

That's right. Students aren't the only ones that deserve a reward. As a participant in the Dodgers MVP Program: Encouraging STEM Education, teachers will receive the following:


  • Four (4) FREE tickets to a special Oklahoma City Dodgers game that honors MVPs
  • Four (4) FREE tickets to the exclusive Oklahoma City Dodgers MVP Field Day event


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