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Get ready for our first ever Geekend at LeLacheur Park! Complete with three whole days geek-dom, we have something for everybody! With great promotions planned for the whole weekend, don't miss our last weekend homestand of the year with three amazing promotions! Get ready to geek out!

Super Hero Night is back and better than ever! Featuring appearances from Spiderman and Star-Lord, fans are encouraged to come dressed in their best super hero attire! Our host, the Incredibly Friendly Hulk, will be on hand for a night filled with costume contests, acts of heroism, and more! Get your picture drawn on the concourse and get your very own super hero caricature! Stick around after the game for a post-game fireworks show! 

The "Harry Potter" series has captured the minds of both wizards and muggles alike and on August 12 for one night only, LeLacheur Park will become a portal to Hogwarts. The first 1,000 new Hogwarts students in attendance will even receive their very own Golden Snitch baseball and a one way ticket on the Hogwarts Express. In addition, there will be non-stop "Harry Potter" themed entertainment from beginning to end including being sorted into houses by the sorting hat, to even potentially fighting for a chance to take home the the Triwzards Cup. Along with the wizarding theme for the night, we are also taking part in our very first Buzz Off for Cancer Night where fans are encouraged to have their heads shaved to help raise money and awareness for Cancer. Throughout the night we will also be honoring fans who have gone through the battle so if you or anyone you know have gone through this, email us at With many other twists and turns as well, August 12th will be a magical night in Lowell.

Here's a look at some of the things we have in store for the evening:
A Harry Potter dress up parade pregame beginning at 5 PM
The Homeplate BBQ will be known as "The Great Hall" for one night only.
The Canaligator Cafe will be renamed Three Broomsticks and the concourse will be a portal to Hogsmeade for one night only.
Fans can meet the Sorting Hat and Harry Potter and be placed in houses at Hogwarts to help compete for the House Cup throughout the game.
Anyone named Harry, Ron, or Hermione will have the chance to join our PA booth and announce a batter throughout the game.
Fans can meet Olivander and find out which wands chooses them.
If your name is Voldemort, don't come. We don't want you here.
Learn all the basics that Hogwarts has to offer from flying lessons to even learning about all of the magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest
If somehow, someone named Voldemort does sneak in help us stop him before something like last time happens.

The options for in-game entertainment are endless and are sure to change between now and game day. From Capturing the Golden Snitch to helping us destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, who knows, maybe even the staff from Hogwarts will show up!

The Lowell Spinners are proud to announce they have teamed up with One Mission to produce the very first Buzz Off event in Spinners history to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. The Buzz Off is presented by Salon Forza, on Saturday, August 12th

All proceeds from the event will fund One Mission programs that make living in the hospital less lonely, bring back joy in a time of fear and uncertainty, and give kids and their loved ones the support they need to get through the emotional and financial challenges of cancer treatment. To raise money, fans are encouraged to have their heads shaved by the hairdressers of Salon Forza throughout the game in the grounds crew area at the bottom of section 119 to help represent our unified fight against cancer.

To go along with the Buzz Off event, we will be honoring those who have gone through cancer and are asking that if you or anyone you know have gone through the battle, let us know so we can honor you as such. Also throughout the game we plan on remembering those we have lost so if you have lost a loved one to this terrible disease and would like to be part of our memorium, email photos to 

You can sign up below by clicking the link and registering to have your head shaved or just donate money to the cause. If you use the promo code "buzzoff", $3.50 gets donated to One Mission when purchased in advanced. Thank you in advance for the support.

Go Go Power Rangers! It's mighty morphin' time at LeLacheur Park as we got the Blue Ranger in the house! Plus, the Spinners will be wearing their own special Power Ranger jerseys for one night only! Don't miss your chance to bid on one of these amazing jerseys!