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Par 3 at Perdue Stadium

Par 3 at Perdue Stadium

Par 3 at Perdue Stadium is the most unique golf experience on Delmarva. This all new nine-hole golf experience at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium will open Friday, October 13th and run through Sunday, October 15th. This challenging experience will test golfers of all abilities on a nine-hole par-27 golf course. Golfers will take their swings from 9 tee boxes located around the ballpark. The Par 3 at Perdue Stadium is open to all skills and ages.

Tee Times:

Friday, October 13th- 4:00 PM-9:00 PM

Saturday, October 14th- 2:00 PM-7:00 PM

Sunday, October 15th- 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

 *Tee times will take place every 10 minutes.


Register/Tee Time:

To register and book your tee time, please call Andrew Bryda at 410-219-3112 ext. 175 or by email at You must book your tee time in advance. The last day to book your tee time is on Wednesday, October 11th by 5:00 PM. Please arrive 15 minutes before your tee time.


Pricing for Par 3:

A round of golf at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium will be $50 per golfer. This package will include 9 holes on the Par 3 course, a Shorebirds hat, 3 beer samples, snacks, and a sleeve of golf balls with the Shorebirds logo on them. 

How it Works:

There will be 9 tee boxes and 7 greens. The 9 tee boxes will be located in different areas around the ballpark. Tee box #1 will be located behind home plate. Tee box #2 will be in the grassy berm down the left field line. Tee Boxes #3 and #4 will be located on the 2nd level concourse next to the amusement area. Tee boxes #5 and #6 will be on the second level concourse next to the picnic pavilion. Tee box #7 will be on the grassy berm next to the picnic pavilion and tee boxes #8 and #9 will be on the bottom level of the picnic pavilion. The 7 greens will be mowed into the outfield grass. Five of the greens will be located in left field and left center field with 2 greens down the right field foul line. Distances from the tee box to the greens will range from 100 yards to 145 yards. At each of the tee boxes, there will be a Shorebirds Caddie to assist you in your shot. The Caddies will let you know which green you will be aiming for and what the distance is from the tee box to the green. After your shot, the Caddie will let you know which direction to walk to your next tee box. To identify your score after your shot, there will be a flag stick with a cup as well as two painted circles on each of the greens. Golfers will only be allowed to bring their 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, and wedges. There will be no chipping or putting on the field.

The Delmarva Shorebirds will provide the golfballs at each hole for each golfer.


  • Hole in One
    • Your ball lands in the cup.
  • Birdie
    • Your ball lands between the flag stick and the first painted circle.
  • Par
    • Your ball lands outside the 1st painted circle but in between the 2nd painted circle.
  • Bogey
    • Your ball lands on the green but outside both painted circles.
  • Double Bogey
    • If your ball lands on a different green or you happen to lose your golf ball.


Hole Yardage:

  • Hole 1-115 yards
  • Hole 2-125 yards
  • Hole 3-125 yards
  • Hole 4-115 yards
  • Hole 5-145 yards
  • Hole 6-115 yards
  • Hole 7-135 yards
  • Hole 8-120 yards
  • Hole 9-120 yards