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#TGATSH Registration Form


Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, Travs fans of all ages, welcome to the off-season event you've all been waiting for…. The Great Arkansas Travelers Scavenger Hunt! #TGATSH2017

Please fill out this registration form and complete the steps below before you start playing the game. Form your team of up to 6 people, complete the scavenger hunt items beginning December 1st when they are released, submit your evidence on your team's group page, and you could WIN huge prizes and awesome Travs swag! Once you've received your Facebook invitation your team is registered and ready to play! The scavenger hunt list will be distributed to all the teams simultaneously on December 1st at 5pm CST and the game is ON! You have until 5pm on New Year's Day to get all your submissions posted. Entries will be scored and a winner announced by Friday January 12th.  

Email or Fax completed form to or 501-664-1834

Subject: The Great Arkansas Travelers Scavenger Hunt Registration