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Front Office

PawSox Front Office
Larry Lucchino Chairman of the Board (401) 724-7300 Larry Lucchino Email  

Mike Tamburro Vice Chairman (401) 724-7300 Mike Tamburro  

Charles Steinberg President (401) 721-5115 Charles Steinberg  

Dan Rea III Executive Vice President / General Manager (401) 721-5123 Dan Rea Dan Rea III LinkedIn

Jeff White Treasurer (401) 721-5135 Jeff White  

Bill Wanless Senior Vice President / Communications (401) 724-5130 Bill Wanless  

Kim Miner Senior Vice President / Club Counsel (401) 721-5261 Kim Miner Kim Miner LinkedIn

Rob Crain Senior Vice President/Sales & Marketing (401) 721-5196 Rob Crain Rob Crain LinkedIn

Michael Gwynn Vice President Corporate Partnerships (401) 721-5132 Michael Gwynn  

David Johnson Vice President / Facilities Management (401) 721-5155 Michael Gwynn  

Mark McKinnon Vice President / Concessions & Gameday Operations (401) 721-5139 Mark McKinnon  

Bart Harvey Special Assistant to the Chairman (401) 721-5264 Bart Harvey Bart Harvey LinkedIn

Jackie Dempsey Special Assistant to the President & Intern Coordinator (401) 721-5205 Jackie Dempsey Jackie Dempsey LinkedIn

Kevin Galligan Senior Director of Media Creation (401) 721-5148 Kevin Galligan Kevin Galligan LinkedIn

Rick Medeiros Senior Director of Fan Services (401) 721-5137 Rick Medeiros Rick Medeiros LinkedIn

Matt Harper Senior Director of Ticket Sales (401) 721-5173 Matt Harper Matt Harper LinkedIn

Brooke Coderre Director of Marketing & Merchandising (401) 721-5285 Brooke Coderre Brooke Coderre LinkedIn

Grace Eng Director of McCoy Events (401) 721-5224 Grace Eng Grace Eng LinkedIn

Jack Verducci Director of Corporate Partnerships (401) 721-5265 Jack Verducci Jack Verducci LinkedIn

Joe Bradlee Director of Communications & Community Relations (401) 721-5120 Joe Bradlee Joe Bradlee LinkedIn

Julie Hershkowitz Director of Hospitality & Client Services (401) 721-5387 Julie Hershkowitz Julie Hershkowitz LinkedIn

Matt Levin Controller (401) 721-5238 Matt Levin Matt Levin LinkedIn

Dan Fontaine Staff Accountant (401) 721-5534 Dan Fontaine Dan Fontaine LinkedIn

Samantha Sousa Director of Ticket Operations (401) 721-5165 Samantha Sousa Samantha Sousa LinkedIn

Carl Goodreau Clubhouse Manager (401) 721-5232 Carl Goodreau Carl Goodreau LinkedIn

Josh Maurer Radio Broadcaster (401) 721-5126 Josh Maurer  

Will Flemming Radio Broadcaster (401) 721-5126 Will Flemming Will Flemming LinkedIn

Mike Lyons Corporate Partnership Sales (401) 301-2041 Mike Lyons Mike Lyons LinkedIn

Bernadette Provost Manager of Client Services (401) 721-5302 Bernadette Provost Bernadette Provost LinkedIn

Anthony Cahill Corporate Events Manager (401) 721-5170 Anthony Cahill Anthony Cahill LinkedIn

Jim Cain Corporate Events Manager (401) 721-5171 Jim Cain Jim Cain LinkedIn

Allison Katterheinrich Community Sales Manager (401) 721-5394 Alli Katterheinrich Allison Katterheinrich LinkedIn

Christopher Murphy Group Events Manager (401) 721-5248 Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy LinkedIn

Benjamin Proctor Group Events Manager (401) 721-5510 Benjamin Proctor Benjamin Proctor LinkedIn

Jennifer Boisclair Director of Concessions (401) 721-5134 Jennifer Boisclair  

Carol Krushnowski Office Manager (401) 721-5230 Carol Krushnowski Carol Krushnowski LinkedIn

Matt McKinnon Field Superintendent (401) 721-7300 Matt McKinnon  

Benjamin Pillsbury Assistant Field Superintendent (401) 724-7300 Benjamin Pillsbury