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Broadcast and print media outlets will be considered for 2018 full-season and single-game credentials. Websites and blogs are not eligible for full-season credentials unless they are directly affiliated with a print or broadcast news outlet. Representatives of blogs and websites may submit requests for single-game credentials. However, broadcast and print media outlets will be given first priority for games that are in high media demand due to the limited capacity of the Whitaker Bank Ballpark press box. All credentials are issued at the discretion of the Lexington Legends. Media outlets may be denied and/or privileges revoked for not following club rules, unprofessional behavior, or other reasons.

Sources requesting media credentials should contact Emma Tiedemann at (859) 422-7859 or

All Media requesting a press credential MUST sign and return the MiLB Press Credential Agreement before they are able to receive their credentials.


Media that request a daily pass may pick up their credentials at the Whitaker Bank Ballpark box office will call window.

Under no circumstances shall the Legends discriminate, in any fashion, against any accredited member of the media based on race, color, creed, or national origin. If a member of the media violates team policies, the Lexington Legends reserve the right to revoke the media credential.

Working Media Policy:

Media credentials will be issued to working media only. Family members, friends, or other guests will not be given media credentials. Media members are not permitted to bring family members, friends, or guests onto the field, into the clubhouse, or into the press box.

Entering the Ballpark:

All members of the working media are to enter the ballpark at the administrative office entrance near the box office (under the baseball-cap awning). If you experience any difficulties, or have any questions, please ask a staff member to contact Emma Tiedemann.

Press Box:

The press box is on the suite level (top level) at Whitaker Bank Ballpark.   The elevator to the Press Box is located in the corridor just inside the administrative office entrance near the box office.

Photographer/Camera Work Locations:

Media sources that require the use of still photography and video imagery are allowed to work in Whitaker Bank Ballpark. The Legends ask that you respect fans by making sure that your work area is chosen with the fans' sightlines in mind.

Camera Crews are allowed to work in the following locations:
* In the camera bay at the end of each dugout ramp.
* In the Press Box.
* Anywhere in the public-access areas of the stadium WITHOUT BLOCKING the sightline of any fan.

Camera Crews are NOT allowed to work in the following locations:
* In areas blocking a fan's sightline
* On the roof of the stadium
* On the playing surface during the game
* Restrooms
* Concession stands
* Front office

Player Interviews/Accessibility:

Visitors to the clubhouses are to conduct themselves in a professional manner. There is to be no seeking of autographs, removal of property, or consumption of food prepared for the players.

Special interview requests should be submitted to the director of media relations.

Media members are not allowed access to the players on the field or in the clubhouse 45 minutes prior to the regularly scheduled game time.

Nearing the completion of the game, members of the media are to notify press box personnel of their desire to interview specific players or team personnel.

There is a 10-minute cool down period following the completion of each game. Media members are not allowed into the clubhouses during this time. The Legends will have a staff member accompany the media when they are allowed to enter the clubhouses. Some games might require an additional waiting period due to team meetings or team business. 

Access to the Visiting clubhouse falls under the same operating procedures as the Home clubhouse.  

Live interviews from the clubhouse or field are not permitted without prior approval from the director of media relations and the Legends' field manager.

Clubhouses are work places and business should be conducted in a timely fashion with minimum disruption of team personnel procedures.

Field Access:

The working media are allowed field access during batting practice and up to 60 minutes prior to the start of the regularly scheduled game time. The media are allowed in foul territory and around the batting cage if they are not impeding with on-field activities. The media are allowed in the dugout as long as they are not preventing the players and staff from doing their jobs. The media may be asked to move from their location at any time if the Legends organization needs to conduct business in those areas. There will be no media access on the field, in the dugout, or in the clubhouse during the game.

Player Roster Moves:

The director of media relations will update rosters when moves are made. Verbal notification will be made in the press box if the roster move occurs near game time. Roster moves are made and approved by the Kansas City Royals, not the Lexington Legends.   All roster moves follow the procedure of notifying Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and the South Atlantic League.

Player Status (Health/Injury)

Questions pertaining to the health/injury status of a player should be directed to the director of media relations. No other member of the organization, other than the Legends field manager, is authorized to comment on a player's health or injury status.

Not Allowed:

- Under South Atlantic League rules, no food or drink is allowed to be brought into the stadium.
- Large tripods that might be considered trip hazards for fans.
- Alcohol consumption by working media