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Super 50/50 Raffle

The Super 50/50 allows non-profit organizations to sell raffle tickets at a Thunder home game for $1.00 as well as raise awareness for their cause. Half of the money raised goes to the non-profit organization, and the remaining half goes to a lucky fan. Since the program started in 1998, Super 50/50 groups have raised over $975,000 for area non-profit organizations.

Please contact the Thunder Group Sales Department at 609-394-3300 x105 with questions about this program.

There is a minimum purchase of 125 group tickets required to participate in the 50/50. Meet the ticket minimum and make even more money for your cause by taking part in our FUNdraising program!



WELCOME NORTH 4/3/18: Trenton Thunder Charities:Winning Number: A-2444013

4/5/18 vs Richmond: McGalliard Elementary School: Winning Number: A-2933648

4/6/18 vs Richmond: Pandolfini Sports Academies: Winning Number: B-1432638

4/7/18 vs Richmond: Trenton Catholic Academy: Winning Number: C-2238162

4/8/18 vs Richmond: Miss Amazing: Winning Number: D-1777219

4/9/18 vs New Hampshire: Potential Inc.: Winning Number: E-2356037

4/10/18 vs New Hampshire: Robbinsville Little League: Winning Number: F-2632515

4/11/18 vs New Hampshire: Grice Middle School: Winning Number: G-1550277

4/20/18 vs Portland: Red Bird Baseball Softball: Winning Number: H-2586343

4/21/18 vs Portland: Hamilton Little Lads: Winning Number: I-2417603

4/22/18 vs Portland: Reynolds Middle School: Winning Number: I-1510370

4/23/18 vs Harrisburg: East Windsor PAL: Winning Number: J-2631847

4/24/18 vs Harrisburg: Levittown Continental Little League & Fairless Hill Athletic Association: Winning Number: K-2920507

5/3/18 vs Harrisburg: Bristol Township: Winning Number: J-2796185

5/4/18 vs Harrisburg: Morrisville Little League: Winning Number: M-1654516

5/5/18 vs Harrisburg: Sunnybrae Elementary: Winning Number: N-1165976

5/6/18 vs Harrisburg: Ewing Little League: Winning Number: O-1714060

5/7/18 vs Reading: Langtree Elementary: Winning Number: P-2366980

5/8/18 vs Reading: Children's Miracle Network: Winning Number: Q-1319715

5/14/18 vs Akron: Trenton Thunder Charities: Winning Number:R-2507437

5/15/18 vs Akron: Antheil Elementary: Winning Number:S-1426937

5/17/18 vs Bowie: HTRBA: Winning Number: T-1255402

5/18/18 vs Bowie: Andrew Jarzyk Memorial Fundraiser: Winning Number: U-2267355

5/19/18 vs Bowie: American Cancer Society: Winning Number: V-1519988

5/20/18 vs Bowie: Oxford Valley PTO: Winning Number: W-2967385

5/29/18 vs Reading: Oakville Service Unit: Winning Number: Y-1043763

5/30/18 vs Reading: Bucks County Housing Group: Winning Number: Z-2697156

5/31/18 vs Reading: Knights of Columbus- Regina Mundi Council: Winning Number: Z-2271362

6/5/18 vs Richmond: Knights of Columbus Council 589: Winning Number: A-1104060

6/6/18 vs Richmond: Yardville Heights Elementary PTA: Winning Number: B-1040568

6/7/18 vs Richmond: Lower Southampton Baseball: Winning Number: C-1502484

6/8/18 vs Binghamton: City of Angels: Winning Number: D-1383512

6/9/18 vs Binghamton: Makefield Elementary: Winning Number: E-1732512

6/10/18 vs Binghamton: Thea's Star of Hope: Winning Number: F-1568056

6/15/18 vs Erie: United Gymnastics Academy: Winning Number: G-2212562

6/16/18 vs Erie: Knights of Columbus MCCC: Winning Number: H-1658714

6/17/18 vs Erie: Bucks County Girls Softball League: Winning Number: I-1002790

6/19/18 VS Binghamton: Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance: Winning Number: J-2900129

6/20/18 vs Binghamton: Levittown Fairless Hills Rotary Club: Winning Number: K-1750635

6/21/18 vs Binghamton: Yardley Makefield Lions Club: Winning Number:L-2093611

6/29/18 vs New Hampshire: Ewing Kiwanis Club: Winning Number: M-1559001

6/30/18 vs New Hampshire: Interfaith Food Alliance: Winning Number: N-2961959

7/1/18 vs New Hampshire: Cub Scout Pack 53: Winning Number: O-2590597

7/2/18 vs New Hampshire: Community Christian Choir: Winning Number: P-1943366

7/3/18 vs New Hampshire: St. John's Knights of Columbus: Winning Number: Q-1356386

7/10/18 Case's Home Run Derby: FOP Survivors Fund: Winning Number: R-1000167

7/11/18 Eastern League All Star Game: United Way of Greater Mercer County: Winning Number: S-2238201

7/12/18 vs Richmond: The Jeremy Fund: Winning Number: T-2223688

7/13/18 vs Richmond: Blue Mountain Music Chamber Music Festival: Winning Number: U-2211989

7/14/18 vs Richmond: Cat Tales: Winning Number: V-1276212

7/15/18 vs Richmond: Pennsbury Falcons Cheerleading: Winning Number: V-2208816

7/23/18 vs Hartford: Signal 22: Winning Number: W-1655958

7/24/18 vs Hartford: Mt. Holly Elks: Winning Number: X-1772939

7/26/18 vs Portland: St. Patrick's Day Parade and Scholarship Committee: Winning Number: Y-2140385

7/27/18 vs Portland: Water for People: Winning Number: Z-1710547

7/28/18 vs Portland: St. John's Church Choir: Winning Number: A-2385447

7/29/18 vs Portland: Mercer County Special Olympics: Winning Number: B-1532185

8/7/18 vs Altoona: Merchantville Little League: Winning Number: C-1634573

8/10/18 vs Altoona: SERV Behavioral Health: Winning Number: D-1066483

8/17/18 vs New Hampshire: Bishop Ahr Assembly: Winning Number: E-2385350

8/18/18 vs New Hampshire: Good Friends Inc: Winning Number: F-2586134

8/19/18 vs New Hampshire: Harry S. Truman Marching Band: Winning Number: G-1839798

8/20/18 vs Hartford: Pennsbury High School Cheerleading: Winning Number: H-1991397

8/21/18 vs Hartford: TCNJ Dance Team: Winning Number: I-2801471

8/31/18 vs Reading: Knights of Columbus of Monroe Township: Winning Number: J-2147838

9/1/18 vs Reading: Bucks County Central Labor Council: Winning Number: K-1955502

9/2/18 vs Reading: Knights of Columbus- Our Lady of Guadalupe: Winning Number: L-2938908

9/3/18 vs Reading: Bensalem Lions Club: Winning Number: M-2910135

9/7/18 vs New Hampshire: Grand Slam We Care: Winning Number: N-2057329