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Julio Borbon (Tony Farlow)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Julio Alberto Borbon
School:University of Tennessee
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:190 lbs.
Report Date(s):04/13/07
Game(s):Mississippi State

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:In the past, Borbon has handled the bat well, showing excellent bat control and bunting ability. In this game, just his 13th of the season, the rust was still there.
Power:Borbon has shown some extra-base power in the past and could develop a little home run pop in the future, but that is not the key to his game.
Running Speed:Speed is a huge part of Borbon's game and he appeared to run at full speed without any hesitation, something he hadn't been doing in his first games back from a fractured ankle.
Base Running:Borbon has gone 34-for-43 in stolen-base attempts in his college career, including 3-for-4 this season. He has the ability to be a major basestealing threat and be a difference-maker iwth his baserunning.
Arm Strength:His arm is below-average, but should be just enough to play center field as a pro.
Fielding:Borbon can flat out catch the ball in center and has big-league skills in the outfield.
Range:Especially with his speed returned, Borbon covers a tremendous amount of ground.
Baseball Instinct:Borbon has excellent instincts and did the little things like moving runners over and bunting in this game.
Aggressiveness:Borbon appeared to be going full tilt in this game, as opposed to previous games when he still seemed a bit hobbled.
Physical Description:Borbon is a speedy leadoff/center-field type in the mold of a Kenny Lofton or maybe Johnny Damon.
Medical Update:Borbon fractured his ankle before the season began and returned to action on March 20.
Strengths:His speed, when healthy. He also is a plus defender in center field.
Weaknesses:His bat is behind the rest of his game right now because of the time off, but he will have to show more bat for him to be considered as a high draft pick.
Summary:After missing the first chunk of the season with a fractured ankle, Borbon returned on March 20. The key for him was to show that his best tool, his speed, had returned, and he was beginning to do just that, though the extra-base pop scouts saw last year and over the summer wasn’t there consistently. Pure center fielders with leadoff skills are not numerous in this draft, so Borbon still should garner plenty of early-round consideration.