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Madison Bumgarner (Aflac)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Madison Bumgarner
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:South Caldwell H.S., Hudson, NC
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:220 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/28/07
Game(s):St. Stephens

Focus Area
Fastball:Bumgarner's fastball has been clocked anywhere from 89-95 mph.
FB Movement:Not surprisingly for a lefty, Bumgarner's fastball does have late life with some natural tail. When he's able to keep it down in the zone, it's got some sink and can routinely miss bats with it.
Curve/Slider:Bumgarner only started throwing breaking stuff a year ago (kudos to dad), so these offerings lag behind the fastball. He throws a curve at around 70-73 mph and has a slider-like pitch at 75-79 mph. They are slurvy offerings with very lazy bite that is often too flat.
Changeup:He doesn't throw it much because he doesn't need to, but he's shown a pretty good feel and command of the change at times, throwing it in the 79-82 mph range. He sometimes will leave the changeup in warmups and not throw it.
Control:He's got pretty good command, especially for a hard-throwing high-schooler and was able to throw his fastball for strikes down in the zone.
Poise:Bumgarner has good poise and mound presence.
Physical Description:Bumgarner is a big, strong-bodied pitcher with a large, athletic frame from a Mark Mulder or Andy Pettitte mold.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Plenty of fastball. He touched 95 and there's probably room for more there, with perhaps a ceiling of 97-98 mph possible.
Weaknesses:The breaking stuff. The curve is well below-average but with more time and experience and his athletic ability, he should be able to develop it as a pro.
Summary:Bumgarner certainly looks the part, with the body type and fastball of a professional pitcher. Lefties from the high school ranks with plus velocity like that don't come around very often. Any team who takes him will have to keep him from changing his arm angle on his breaking stuff, but chances are there will be many teams willing to give that a shot.