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Josh Fields (Georgia Sports Communications)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Joshua Fields
Position:Relief Pitcher
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:180 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/09/07
Game(s):Oregon State

Focus Area
Fastball:Fields throws a plus fastball that sat consistently in the 93-96 mph range.
FB Movement:Coming from a direct overhand slot, Fields' fastball is very straight.
Slider:Usually, Fields has a good hard slider in the 78-79 mph range. He didn't throw it much in his Friday outing.
Control:Usually Fields has decent control, but he was overthrowing up and out of the strike zone on Friday. He came out of his delivery and was constantly behind in the count, which kept him from getting to his above-average slider.
Poise:It was below average on Friday. He was given a lead and was perhaps too amped up to close out a win against Oregon State on opening night.
Aggressiveness:Being aggressive for a closer is a good thing, but he was overly-aggressive in a save situation on Friday. He can be too aggressive, wanting to come in and throw hard. He needs to learn to channel that.
Physical Description:He's a six-foot righty with a power arm who'll likely always have to answer questions about his size.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Fields has a legitimate power arm with the classic fastball-slider mix.
Weaknesses:Normally, command is not a problem for Fields, but it was on Friday. He has shown the ability to keep his fastball down in the zone and will need to get back to that in the future.
Summary:Fields will be one of the most-watched college closers this season. His outing on Friday may be just one hiccup chalked up to Opening Night jitters. His size will always be an issue because of his plane to the plate and leverage, though others (Billy Wagner from the left side) have shown size doesn't always matter.