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Brian Friday (AP Photo/Ted Kirk)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Brian David Friday
School:Rice University
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:180 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/09-02/11/07
Game(s):Houston College Classic

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Friday is a good, line-drive hitter, but so far he struck out six times in 20 ABs and is trying to find his stroke. He did turn around a 95 mph David Price fastball and pull it down the line for a double Friday.
Power:Power is not Friday's strength, but he has the pop to knock the ball out of the ballpark on the right pitch. A 10-home run season would be good for Friday this year.
Running Speed:Friday is the fastest member of the Rice squad in 2007 and is a great threat to steal after stealing 17 bases in 2006. He swiped a bag on Saturday after being caught leaning toward second on a pickoff move by Baylor's Cliff Springston.
Base Running:Friday is a very good baserunner, but twice he was caught leaning toward second by left-handed pitchers this weekend, and once was picked off.
Arm Strength:Friday has a very quick release from short allowing him to beat runners with his arm from deep in the hole. He makes long throws look routine.
Arm Accuracy:Friday has a tendency to rush throws at times when he charges the ball. This can lead to errors. However, it is early, expect his accuracy to improve drastically.
Fielding:Friday has already made two errors this season, one of which allowed Texas State to hang around and win a game from the Owls on the road. He made large steps last season towards fixing his defensive woes, but continues to work on his efficiency.
Range:Friday has exceptional range, especially in the hole between short and third. He made a great backhand play against A&M on Sunday night.
Baseball Instinct:Brian's a ball player. His focus has improved every year and has molded him into an everyday leader on the field with great awareness as the leader of the infield.
Aggressiveness:At the plate, Friday has had some good at-bats that haven't gone his way. He continues to swing at first-pitch fastballs when thrown.
Physical Description:Friday continues to bulk up since entering Rice out of Bellaire Episcopal High School. Friday's feet are his biggest weapons.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Speed and arm strength.
Weaknesses:Power and accuracy.
Summary:Friday, a first-team All-American last season, is searching for his 2006 form, but just two weeks into the season, he will find his stroke at the plate and shore up his early defensive miscues.