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Tyler Henley (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Paul Tyler Henley
School:Rice University
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/09-02/11/07
Game(s):Houston College Classic

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Good left-handed bat, with ability to hit to all fields with power.
Power:If Henley were to try and hit for more power, I believe he could. But as a leadoff hitter, he has honed his skills to focus on putting the ball in play to all fields.
Running Speed:Henley is quick. He has a very good first step in the outfield and can track down a lot of balls that most outfielders cannot get to in college baseball. However, he didn't attempt many stolen bases last season.
Base Running:Henley is a smart baserunner. He will always take the extra base if possible and is rarely picked off.
Arm Strength:He has an average Major League arm for a centerfielder.
Arm Accuracy:Henley is typically very accurate with his throws, however he did overthrow third in Sunday's game.
Fielding:Henley makes plays. He made an unbelievable catch at Texas State Tuesday running back to make an over-the-shoulder basket catch on the warning track (a la Mays).
Range:Henley covers a lot of ground. Period.
Baseball Instinct:Tyler is a gritty ballplayer. He knows the ebb and flow of the game and plays the game full tilt at all times.
Aggressiveness:A star running back in high school, Henley will not move out of the way of a pitch that is sure to hit him and he is more than willing to hit a first-pitch fastball if he gets one. He works good at-bats.
Physical Description:Henley still has the running back build from high school and is one of the strongest players for his size in the country.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Range, aggressiveness and hitting ability.
Weaknesses:His arm strength. It's about average, but in looking for a true weakness his arm strength and accuracy could be better.
Summary:Henley leads Rice to the plate as the leadoff man and has improved his on-base percentage every year, reaching base in over 43 percent of his plate appearances last season. He continues to shine defensively despite a costly error in the game against Vanderbilt.