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Joe Savery (AP Photo/Bill Feig)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Joseph Cain Savery
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Rice University
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:215 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/11/07
Game(s):Texas A&M
Scouting Video:

Focus Area
Fastball:Savery was able to work his fastball in and out on right-handers and against lefties he pounded the inner half of the zone.
FB Movement:His movement was average, throwing a steady diet of four-seamers.
Curve:He threw very few breaking pitches, but the few he threw were sharp and near the plate. Obviously, working back from labrum surgery, Savery and the coaching staff are mixing in fewer breaking balls.
Changeup:Savery's changeup was outstanding. All three of his strikeouts came on the change. His arm speed remained steady throwing the offspeed pitch and it dove sharply away from right-handed-hitters.
Control:Joe had pinpoint control of the changeup, and his fastball was right on or barely off the corners. The two walks are a tad deceiving as both were lengthy at-bats.
Poise:He was straight business on the hill. Mechanically sound and hitting the mitt through his four innings.
Baseball Instinct:He continues to improve his ability to hold runners on after having trouble with that area in his first two seasons at Rice. His defensive ability as a first baseman and sheer knowledge of pitching continues to manifest itself.
Aggressiveness:Savery started off about half of the hitters he faced with first-pitch strikes. Though his velocity is below where he'd like it, he is still willing to challenge hitters.
Physical Description:Very athletic in the field with good stamina.
Medical Update:After being limited to 40 pitches on opening day, Savery had a 55-pitch limit Sunday and performed well without any lingering pain. The coaching staff is being very cautious with Savery as he works back to 100% health coming off labrum surgery in the offseason.
Strengths:Athleticism, fielding and ability to throw three pitches for strikes consistently.
Weaknesses:Movement. As Savery returns to health his movement on his fastball will return. His changeup showed great movement in contrast.
Summary:Savery had another good rehab start Sunday. He continues to show the poise of a third-year starter and effectively serves as the leader of the starting rotation.