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Matt Thomson (Santa Rosa Junior College)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Matt Thomson
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Santa Rosa Junior College
School Type:Junior College
Academic Class:Freshman
Weight:190 lbs.
Report Date(s):04/24/07

Focus Area
Fastball:Thomson has above-average velocity and is able to hold it deep into games.
Fastball movement:Thomson has some arm-side life to his fastball.
Slider:His slider projects as a future average pitch.
Changeup:Like the slider, there is projection here and it could be an average offering in the future.
Curve:Thomson's curve is a below-average pitch.
Control:Thomson has average command across the board.
Physical Description:Thomson is a big, athletic right-hander with a Brad Penny body type.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Arm strength, above-average velocity with the ability to maintain and the possibility of three usable pitches.
Weaknesses:Outside of the fastball, everything now is just a projection.
Summary:Thomson wasn't drafted out of high school last year and has come a long way in one year of junior college. He's got an above-average fastball that he maintains throughout his starts and has the chance to add two average pitches to the heater over time. A lot of what scouts see in him is projection, but he's a good athlete, so there's a better chance of him reaching those visions in the future.