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Andrew Walker (TCU Athletics)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Andrew Walker
School:Texas Christian University
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:197 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/16-02/18/07
Game(s):Oral Roberts
Scouting Video:

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Walker has a good swing with a decent approach, though his swing can get long at times.
Power:Walker didn't show much power over the weekend, but there could be some projection in his swing.
Running Speed:He's a catcher, and not one who runs well for a catcher.
Arm Strength:Walker has borderline average arm strength behind the plate
Fielding:Walker moves well behind the plate.
Physical Description:Walker is a strong and durable backstop.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Potential in swing and agility behind the plate.
Weaknesses:Consistency with his swing. He'll have one good swing, but then give some at-bats away.
Summary:It's unclear if Walker will be an above-average hitter as a pro, but he is a fairly well-rounded college catcher at a good program, and those are always in high demand.