Eddie Kunz (OSU Athletics)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Eddie Kunz
Position:Relief Pitcher
School:Oregon State
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:250 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/09-02/11/07

Focus Area
Fastball:Kunz threw a heavy fastball that ran up to 94 mph.
FB Movement:He keeps his fastball down in the zone, and it has some above-average sink to it.
Slider:His slider sits in the 80-82 mph range. It's a true slider, with a short, late break and hard bite.
Control:Kunz commanded his fastball and slider well over the weekend, particularly in his second outing, on Sunday.
Poise:Above average. He came into both situations and threw strikes.
Physical Description:Big right-hander who throws from three-quarters arm slot.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Command and poise. Kunz comes into games and pounds his heavy fastball to the bottom of the strike zone. He gets a lot of ground balls and his stuff will break bats at the pro level.
Weaknesses:He doesn't have a third pitch to attack left-handed hitters.
Summary:Kunz's package of stuff is well-suited to the back of a bullpen, but the lack of the third pitch may keep him from closing as a pro. His future may be as a setup man who can pound his sinker-slider combination in on right-handed hitters.