Brant Rustich (Ryan Lafferty)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Brant Allen Rustich
Position:Relief Pitcher
School Type:Four-Year College
Academic Class:Red-shirt junior
Weight:225 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/02-02/04/07

Focus Area
Fastball:Rustich features a fastball that sits in the 93-94 mph range.
Slider:Rustich's slider is a plus pitch at times.
Changeup:Rustich has thrown a changeup in the past, but didn't throw one in the weekend series against Winthrop.
Split-fingered fastball:He's thrown a split in the past, but didn't in his two outings over the weekend, perhaps scrapping it because of 2006 finger surgery.
Control:The closer commanded both pitches well over the weekend.
Physical Description:Big, imposing presence on the mound.
Medical Update:Rustich pitched in just six games in 2006 before a finger injury forced him to red shirt. He had surgery, but seemed to throw fine in the opening weekend, albeit without the split.
Strengths:Good two-pitch mix, presence for back bullpen.
Weaknesses:He doesn't have the pure power stuff necessarily to be a big league closer and he lacks deception. Some felt he'd have more value as a starter.
Summary:Overall, it was a good opening weekend for Rustich, who answered some questions about his finger. His delivery had improved from the previous year, with a slightly higher arm slot.