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D.J. Hicks (Credit: Lake Brantley HS)

Biographical Data
Player Name:D.J. Hicks
Position:First Baseman
School:Lake Brantley HS (Fla.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:210 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/26/08
Game(s):Winter Springs HS

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Not really a fast-twitch muscle guy, Hicks does consistently square up the ball and drives it to all fields. He has good pitch recognition and takes healthy cuts at the plate.
Power:He uses leverage for power and it grades as plus, plus, with the ability to hit it out to all fields.
Running Speed:He's got below-average speed.
Base running:He has decent instincts on the basepaths with a general idea of what to do.
Arm Strength:His arm is average.
Fielding:He's not going to wow you at first base, but he can hold his own.
Range:He's got average range.
Physical Description:Hicks is a big kid, with room to fill out. He's got large hands, long limbs and is fairly developed physically.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:His size and his projection, particularly his power.
Weaknesses:He can't run and he's limited to first base defensively.
Summary:If you're looking for a high school bat with plus power, this might be your guy. Hicks has plenty of it from the left side of the plate, both in the present and future tense. He makes good consistent contact and can drive the ball to all fields. He's limited to first base defensively, and while he's no gold glover, he should hold his own there. Also a right-handed pitcher, it's his size and power bat that should interest scouts the most.