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Rolando Gomez (Credit: Perfect Game USA)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Rolando Gomez
School:Woodrow Wilson HS (Calif.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:170 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/10/08
Game(s):Urban Youth Academy Showcase

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Gomez has a loose, fluid swing and a quick bat. He's got a good approach, though he sometimes gets a little power-conscious.
Power:He's got enough of it to get him into trouble. Power will not be a part of his game at the next level.
Running Speed:He's got below-average speed.
Base running:Despite the lack of speed, he knows how to steal bases at this level and is adept at taking leads and taking extra bases..
Arm Strength:He shows a plus arm from shortstop.
Fielding:He's got good and quick hands could get the chance to show he can stay at shortstop.
Range:His range is a little behind his other defensive skills and could force an eventual move to second base.
Physical Description:Gomez is a small middle infielder who might profile best as an offensive-minded second baseman.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:His bat. He's got a good approach and a fluid swing. He also has excellent baseball instincts.
Weaknesses:His size and his overall lack of strength because of it.
Summary:He may not look like much at first glance -- and his size is an issue -- but Gomez really knows how to play the game. He's got a terrific approach at the plate for a high schooler and smooth mechanics. Defensively, he's got the hands and arm to stay at shortstop, but his range may force him over to the right side of the infield, where he could be an interesting offensive-minded second baseman.