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Michael Palazzone (Credit: Aflac)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Michael Palazzone
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Lassiter HS (Ga.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:190 lbs.
Report Date(s):05/14/08
Game(s):North Cobb HS

Focus Area
Fastball:Palazzone has thrown his fastball in the 89-93 mph range.
Fastball movement:It's a little bit true.
Curve:His curve is outstanding, a true overhand 12-to-6 breaking ball which isn't always so easy to command.
Changeup:He's got a changeup and it can be a good one, though the curve is the bread and butter.
Control:Some issues with his delivery have led to problems with command at times.
Poise:He's got pretty good mound presence.
Physical Description:Palazzone is a prototypical projectable right-handed high schooler, big and physical with room to grow.
Medical Update:He had some shoulder issues that kept him out of action for much of his junior year, but he's pitched healthy this season.
Strengths:Projectable frame, that curve ball.
Weaknesses:The delivery has some concerned, especially with the past shoulder issues.
Summary:While not too many high school pitchers have stood out, Palazzone certainly hasn't hurt his chances. Bouncing back from a junior year that included a shoulder issue, the projectable right-hander has emerged as one of the better prep right-handers in the class. His curve is his bread-and-butter pitch and with some refinement to his delivery, his command could improve to the point where he could be a very nice starter with a three-pitch mix down the road.