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Petey Paramore (Credit: ASU)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Petey Paramore
School:Arizona State University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:215 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/22 - 02/24/08
Game(s):DeMarini Invitational

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Paramore is a switch-hitter, better from the right side, who has a good game plan at the plate and is able to spray line drives to all fields. He's particularly good with runners in scoring position and rarely strikes out.
Power:He has not shown much power in the past.
Running Speed:He is below average.
Base running:He's not a bad baserunner, but his speed makes him a clogger.
Arm Strength:He's got average arm strength, but is very, very accurate and has a quick release time.
Fielding:Paramore could handle catching in the big leagues right now. He's got soft hands and positions himself perfectly behind the plate
Range:He moves effortlessly and makes it look very easy.
Physical Description:Paramore is a big, sturdy catcher built for durability.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Off the charts defense, all around. Handles the bat well and has a very good approach
Weaknesses:It doesn't look like he'll hit for much power and he's not as good a hitter from the left side.
Summary:These numbers may sum him up: In his first two seasons, he committed four total errors and walked 17 times more than he struck out. While he has a good game plan and handles the bat fine, particularly from the right side, it's his all-around defensive acumen that should interest scouts the most.