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Ryan Perry (Credit: Shawn E. Davis/

Biographical Data
Player Name:Ryan Perry
Position:Starting/Relief Pitcher
School:University of Arizona
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/18/08
Game(s):Arizona State

Focus Area
Fastball:Perry threw his fastball anywhere from 93-98 mph and sits comfortably at 96-98 mph when pitching out of the bullpen.
Fastball movement:It has pretty good sink when it's down in the zone.
Slider:A bit inconsistent, it's been plus at times, but it can be sweepy and more average. He throws it in the 78-82 mph range.
Changeup:It's a plus pitch for him. He throws it 82-87 mph with good arm speed and deception. There's good sink to it as well.
Control:He throws strikes, but has a tendency to elevate the ball in the zone at times.
Poise:He's got good mound presence and goes right after hitters, especially when coming out of the pen.
Physical Description:Perry is wiry strong, a good athlete who is lean, but pretty physical, kind of like a slightly stronger Brandon Morrow.
Medical Update:A motorcycle accident limited him in his sophomore year, but he's now healthy.
Strengths:Two plus pitches, with a chance for three. Size and clean arm action say he should be durable.
Weaknesses:He opens up early on his delivery, making it easier for guys to see the pitch coming. He didn't pitch at all in high school, so he's still more of a thrower than a pitcher.
Summary:More than one scout has scratched his head about the Arizona right-hander, who has a plus fastball up to 98 mph, a plus changeup and a slider that is a plus at times. Despite this arsenal, he's been hittable due to a tendency to open up on his delivery too early and keep balls up in the zone. Some see him as a reliever, and he should move quickly that way, but his size, arm action and repertoire say that a patient club could end up with a front-of-the-rotation starter.