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Tyson Ross (Credit: U. of California)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Tyson Ross
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:University of California
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:230 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/14/08
Game(s):Loyola Marymount

Focus Area
Fastball:Ross threw his fastball in the 93-95 mph.
Fastball movement:His fastball sinks and rides in on right-handed hitters.
Slider:It's a little inconsistent; sometimes it's a plus pitch, sometimes it's more of a slurve.
Changeup:It's a good pitch against left-handed hitters.
Curve:He'll flip one every once in a while, but it's more of a show-me pitch right now.
Control:He can throw all of his pitches for strikes.
Poise:He never shows emotion on the mound and has makeup off the charts.
Physical Description:Ross is a big, imposing right-hander, a Fergie Jenkins type.
Medical Update:A strained lat muscle forced him out for a few weeks, but he's healthy now.
Strengths:Big and strong, he's got three pitches that all work in the strike zone.
Weaknesses:He has an unconventional delivery -- it's very upright -- that turns some scouts off and makes others see him as a reliever.
Summary:Ross has all the makings of a front-of-the-rotation starter, from stuff to size. He's very imposing on the mound with a fastball that runs up to the mid-90s. He's got two other pitches that work well, albeit with an upright delivery that worries some, but it's worked for him to this point.