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Plinio Escalante
Mexican League

Escalante's baseball career began in August 1973 as the General Manager of Leones de Yucatan. At the time, the Leones were owned by the Yucatan Beer Company. A year later, the owners moved the team to a different city.

In 1975, Plinio began very hard negotiations that lasted four years to bring the team back into the Mexican League. He achieved that goal in 1979 as the Team's President and Principal Owner.

As Team President and Owner, Escalante managed to keep the team until 1982, utilizing lots of great marketing ideas that led the team to a record 600,000 attendees in 1982.

His efforts enabled the Mexican League's Instructional League to increase by one extra division in four cities along the State of Quintana Roo. By that time, Leones de Yucatan had a branch in the City of Cancun.

For his efforts, Escalante was named the Excecutive of the Year in the Instructional League and the Mexican League in 1982.

He retired from baseball for awhile and returned in 2005, when Mr. Gustavo Ricalde, who was the owner of Leones de Yucatan, invited him to join the team as vice president. The club won the Mexican League Championship in 2006.

The following year he became President of the Mexican League.

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