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The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
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Museum Partners


Natick Historical Society and Museum
Bacon Free Library Building ? Lower Level
58 Eliot Street ? South Natick, MA 01760
(508) 647-4841 email

Although the museum?s collection does not house any sports artifacts or memorabilia, baseball fans are drawn to this site because of The Harwood Baseball Factory. The factory is situated facing North Avenue, overlooking Main Street. Founded by Harrison Harwood Sr. in 1858 and later owned and operated by three successive generations of Harwood men, the factory was committed to ?Make the Ball that Makes the Game,? the Official League Baseball. The center-wound balls with figure-eight-stitched horsehide covers set the standard for baseballs. Later, cowhide was used to cover softballs, crafted by women who stitched balls at home. Wagons delivered piecework and collected the balls for finishing. Come tour the factory and watch the evolution of the baseball unfold.

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