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West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
"Ribbee, the Director of Fun and Entertainment for the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx, migrated to Jackson with his parents last year, and he looked all over for the perfect job. It was hard at first, because no one wanted to hire a bear that would just hibernate all winter. Ribbee was very discouraged, until he discovered Pringles Park. As he was walking by, he smelled something delicious—hotdogs, popcorn, all sorts of wonderful things. "Aha," he thought, "a baseball team. A summer gig is just what I'm looking for!" And so began the fun summers at Pringles Park with Ribbee and the Diamond Jaxx."

Norfolk Tides
Rip Tide

If you are wondering what the big, blue, fuzzy creature zooming around the field in the four-wheeler and entertaining fans of all ages is, it's RIP TIDE, the Norfolk Tides' biggest fan. Rip Tide, hatched on March 10, 1993 at Norfolk Scope in front of 7,000 Hampton Roads Admirals' fans, is in his twelfth season as the Tides' #1 fan. He promises to provide even more fun and crazy antics each and every time the Norfolk Tides take the field. Rip Tide makes appearances throughout Hampton Roads year-round and loves visiting fans in the community and meeting as many people as possible.

Huntsville Stars
Homer the Polecat (skunk) was born in 1995 after skunks were seen coming out from behind the outfield wall and running past the outfielders. The players are very grateful to have Homer close by instead of the skunks that preceeded him!! Homer resides behind the center field wall and loves to participate in his favorite promotion, the BASE RACE. Unfortunately, Homer is 0-585 against the fans here at Joe Davis Stadium in the nightly run around the bases.

Homer is at every Stars home game and can be found in the stands enjoying the game, signing autographs and cheering on the Stars! Homer is the team's biggest fan!

Vermont Lake Monsters
The Vermont Lake Monsters Mascot is none other than Champ, who lives in Lake Champlain located in Burlington, Vermont. Champ stands at 7'0" tall, weighs in at 400 lbs, and throws and bats right handed. This furry green sea monster that entertains the fans can be seen at a Vermont Lake Monsters game. Champ is well known for his funny antics on the field, which includes riding on his four-wheeler, rollerblading, and soaking his fans with his super soaker. When Champ isn't entertaining, you can find him lounging around eating his favorite foods, pizza and hotdogs, and watching his favorite two movies, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. On a scale from 1-10, Champ receives all 10's from the fans in Vermont. Make sure to catch Champ and a game this summer at Centennial Field.