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Baseball is a game of numbers. These figures can be added, subtracted, divided, multiplied, bent, twisted and turned in any number of ways to tell a story about a player, a team or, in this case, a league. Here's a look at California League, by the numbers:

0 Number of losses Pedro Martinez incurred in 10 games with the Bakersfield Dodgers in 1991 -- He was 8-0
0 The number of names for Visalia's stadium in Recreation Park
0 The number of Class A teams that won more games than the San Jose Giants during the 1990s
.286 The Cal League average in 2005 -- highest in the Minors by .08 points
.357 The Cal League's overall on-base percentage in 2005 -- highest in the Minors
.451 The Cal League's overall slugging percentage in 2005 -- highest in the Minors
0.59 The number of stolen bases per game by Cal League teams in 2005 -- the lowest in the Minors
0.77 The number of seasons Ken Griffey, Jr. spent in San Bernardino -- he hit .338-11-42 with 32 stolen bases in 58 games for the Spirit in 1988; he also played 17 games for Vermont that year
1 The number of other leagues whose teams are all in one state -- the Florida State League
1 The number of Minor League stadiums that hold fewer fans than Visalia's stadium at Recreation Park (1649), according to the Oaks' website
1 The number of Cal League owners that were Rhodes Scholars in 1975 -- Lancaster's new majority investor Peter Carfagna
1 The number of 2006 Cal League managers that didn't play in the Major Leagues (Bakersfield's Carlos Subero)
1.02 Average number of home runs hit by each team in Cal League games last year -- the second most in the Minors (PCL - 1.05)
3 The number of cities in the current Cal League that were part of the charter group in 1941 -- Bakersfield, San Bernardino and Stockton
3 Members of Major League Baseball's 500 Home Run Club that have played in the Cal League -- Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire and Ken Griffey, Jr.
3 Number of years Lake Elsinore sales and marketing administrator Kristyn Andrews spent learning Egyptian Hieroglyphics, according to the Storm's website
3 Number of Cal League teams in top 100 Minor League teams of all-time
4 Number of Brett Brothers -- Bobby, George, Ken and John -- who moved the Riverside Red Wave to Adelanto in 1991, forming the High Desert Mavericks
4 The number of South Division cities that opened new ballparks between 1991 and 1996 -- High Desert, Rancho Cucamonga, Lake Elsinore, Lancaster and San Bernardino/Inland Empire
5 The number of finalists in the Modesto Nuts "Dream Job" contest who will participate in a tryout to become the team's 2006 public address announcer
6 The number of suggestions out of over 200, in 1992, for Rancho Cucamonga's baseball team to be named the Quakes
7 The number of Major League MVPs that have played in Modesto -- Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan, Rollie Fingers, Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Jason Giambi and Miguel Tejada
8 Number of at-bats Quakes manager Bobby Mitchell had for the 1981 World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers
9 Number of Hall of Famers that have been in the Cal League -- Don Drysdale, Joe Morgan, Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Don Sutton, George Brett, Sparky Anderson, Kirby Puckett and Dennis Eckersley
10 Number of years, of the last 11, that the San Jose Giants have posted a top-ten season attendance mark for their franchise
10 Number of CAL titles won by Stockton -- the most of any active team in the league
10 Number of seasons Sean McCall has served as the broadcaster of the Lake Elsinore Storm
10.1 The number of hits per game by Cal League teams in 2005 -- the most in the Minors
11 Number of items listed as "permitted" on Modesto's website, one of which is "brooms"
11 Number of no-hitters in Stockton Ports history
12 Number of seasons Mike Saeger has served as the broadcaster of the Inland Empire 66ers/San Bernardino Stampede
12.8 The number of rebounds San Jose Giants owner Rich Kelley averaged for the New Oreans Jazz in 1979, tiying Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for second in the NBA
14 The number of seasons, out of the past 17, that San Jose has increased its annual attendance
15 Number of items listed as "prohibited" on Modesto's website, one of which is "sticks or clubs"
16 Number of managers in the 16-year existence of the High Desert Mavericks
16 Number of Major League seasons played by new Modesto manager Chad Kreuter
19 Number of consecutive seasons that San Jose has been an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants -- the longest working agreement in the Cal League
19.4 The percentage of San Jose Giants players that have gone on to play in the Major Leagues
21 The number of years the Cal League was classified as a C league before becoming a Class A league in 1962
24 Number of years in office for current Cal League president Joe Gagliardi
26 Number of games won consecutively by the 1947 Stockton Ports -- a Cal League record
28 Years since Visalia has won the Cal League championship -- twice as long as the next longest drought in the league
28 Distance, in feet, from the front row of seats behind the Visalia backstop to home plate
28 Number of years Rancho GM North Johnson has been working in Minor League Baseball
29 Number of years Bakersfield GM Chris Bitters has been alive
30 The number of minutes past 7 p.m. that Bakersfield starts their night games in order to compensate for the fact that their stadium was built facing the setting sun
30 Number of consecutive complete games thrown by the Ports' Robert Thorpe in 1954
32 The Number of years older, on average, the North Division stadiums are than the South -- 12 years old vs. 44 years old
36 Maximum length, in feet, of broomsticks that are allowed in Modesto's John Thurman Stadium
41 Percent of the total population of all ten Cal League cities represented by San Jose, which has 945,000 people
52 The number of times the population of High Desert's hometown of Adelanto (18,130) could fit inside San Jose's (945,000)
60 Number of groundskeepers in the running for the Class A Sports Turf Manager of the Year Award won by Bakersfield's Chris Ralston in 2005
63 The number of Rancho Cucamonga Quakes that have gone on to play in the Major Leagues since their inception in 1993
70 Rank, among's top 100 Minor League teams of all-time, of the 1978 Visalia Oaks, who went 97-42 and were led by Joe Charboneau's .350 average
79 Rank, among's top 100 Minor League teams of all-time, of the 1955 Fresno Cardinals, who went 104-43
84 Height, in inches, of San Jose Giants owner Rich Kelley, who played 11 seasons in the NBA
95 The number of bases Rickey Henderson stole in 134 games for Modesto in 1977
98 Rank, among's top 100 Minor League teams of all-time, of the 1947 Stockton Ports, who went 95-45 and at one point won 26 straight games
100 Number of dollars per share paid by Bakersfield businesspersons and fans in 1956 to purchase the team for $28,500 and keep it in the city
103 Number of RBIs Gary Sheffield had for Stockton in 1983 -- most in the league
108 Number of years since Ernest Thayer penned the poem, "Casey at the Bat, a Ballad of the Republic," which some claim was inspired by a game Thayer watched in Stockton
203 The number of home runs hit by High Desert in 2005, breaking the Cal League record set in 1971 by Visalia
211 Number of Modesto Nuts that have gone on to play in the Major Leagues since 1960
354 Number of feet to the centerfield fence at Bakersfield's Historic Sam Lynn Ballpark -- the shallowest in the Minors
2,500 Number of feet above sea level at Lancaster's Clear Channel Stadium
3,000 Number of feet above sea level at High Desert's Mavericks Stadium
4,500 The average capacity of the 10 Cal League stadiums
15,126.13 Dollar value of Taco Bell tacos Modesto would have given away in 2005 if they'd done the "10 Runs to Fun" promotion they're running this year --every fan in attendance gets a free taco if the Nuts score 10 or more runs
80,000 Number of dollars it cost to build San Jose's Municipal Stadium in 1942
600,000 Number of dollars per year the city of Lake Elsinore loses operating The Diamond
2,366,425 Age, in years, of Rancho Cucamonga's mascot, Tremor, according to the Quakes' website
3,930,000 Cost to build High Desert's Mavericks Stadium in 1991
22,000,000 Number of dollars spent to build The Diamond in Lake Elsinore in 1994
23,900,000 Number of dollars to build Stockton's Banner Island Ballpark in 2005
Compiled by Jason Ratliff,