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Baseball is a game of numbers. These figures can be added, subtracted, divided, multiplied, bent, twisted and turned in any number of ways to tell a story about a player, a team or, in this case, a league. Here's a look at Southern League, by the numbers:

0 Number of Southern League teams in the state where the league office is located (Georgia)
0 Number of .400 hitters in league history
.17 The average number of intentional walks per game by Southern League pitchers in 2005 -- the most in the Minors
.882 Montgomery's all-time playoff winning percentage (15-2 in five appearances)
1 Number of Southern League players who have hit four home runs in a game -- Montgomery's George Kalafatis on July 1, 1969
1 Number of times a Southern League player has stolen 100 or more bases in a season (Donnell Nixon, 102, 1984)
1 Number of at-bats, hits and RBIs Southern League president Don Mincher had in the 1972 World Series for Oakland -- his one hit was the third of four consecutive singles that produced two runs in the ninth inning of the A's 3-2 comeback win over the Reds in Game 3
2 Number of times Southern League president Don Mincher was an American League All-Star during his 13-year Major League Baseball career
2 Number of times the league's Championship Series has been cancelled -- the last time being in 2004 due to Hurricane Ivan
2 Number of live camels bought by Chattanooga Lookouts president J. Frank Burke for display at Engel Stadium
3 The number of games, on average, you'd have to watch in the Southern League before seeing a hit batsman -- the league averaged .34 per game in '05, the lowest in Minors
3 Number of times Mobile's Hank Aaron Stadium has hosted the Southern League All-Star Game in its 10 years of existence
4 The number of runs scored per game by Southern League teams in 2005 -- the lowest in the Minors
4.6 The average number of years of experience of Southern League umpires in 2005
5 Number of states represented in the Southern League -- Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi
5 The number of Southern League championships that both Montgomery and Birmingham have won -- tied for most in league history
5 Number of times Columbus' Ike Futch struck out in 536 at-bats in 1964
5 The number of Southern League teams that joined the league at least 40 years ago
6 Number of members of the Hall of Fame who have played or managed in the modern Southern League (1964-present)
6.5 The average number of strikeouts per game by Southern League pitchers in 2005 -- the lowest in the Minors
7 Number of Minor League teams run by Birmingham Barons owners Elmore Sports Group -- Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Eugene, Helena, Idaho Falls and Inland Empire
8 Number of times Jacksonville has lost in the league championship series -- more than twice as many than any other team in league history
8 Number of different league champions in the past seven seasons, including co-champions in both 2001 and 2004
9.00 The average price, in dollars, of box seats in the ten Southern League stadiums
13 The average number of runners left on base in Southern League games in 2005 -- the lowest in the Minors
15 Consecutive number of years that the Southern League has drawn over two million fans
18 Consecutive number of seasons Steve Bryant and Joe Kremer have been the owner and general manager, respectively, of the Carolina Mudcats
19 Number of triples hit by Montgomery's Alan Trammell in 1977 -- a league record
21 Number of years Greenville, S.C., hosted a Southern League team before relocating to Pearl, Miss., in 2004
21 Number of seasons Peter Bragan Jr. has served as Jacksonville's general manager -- the longest tenure in the league
23 Number of years Montgomery had gone without a baseball team before the Biscuits joined the league in 2004
29.85 Average age of Southern League umpires in 2005
32 Number of times Birmingham's Carlos Lee grounded into a double play in 1998 -- most ever in the Southern League
34.38 Number of consecutive hours that Carolina Mudcats broadcaster Patrick Kinas bowled to raise money for the September 11 Fund -- a world record for marathon bowling
37 Number of years that West Tenn president Robert Lozinak has been a McDonalds franchisee
39 Number of years Tennessee has been in the Southern League -- the most of any team in league history
42 Number of home runs hit by Orlando's Tim Laudner in 1981 -- a league record
57.66 Consecutive number of scoreless innings thrown by Tennessee Smokies pitcher Brad Thompson in 2004 -- the second longest streak in Minor League history
93 Number of miles between Montgomery, Ala., and Birmingham, Ala. -- the shortest roadtrip in the league
96 Number of years since the inaugural game was played at Birmingham's Rickwood Stadium, where the Barons still play one game per year (the Rickwood Classic)
300 Percentage increase of Southern League attendance during Billy Hitchcocks reign as league president from 1971 through 1980
334 Percentage increase of Jacksonville attendance between 1985 (owner Peter Bragan Sr.'s first season) and 2005
395 The distance from home plate to the centerfield fence at West Tenn's Pringles Park -- the only park in the league without a centerfield fence of at least 400 feet
839 Number of miles between Pearl, Miss., and Zebulon, N.C. -- the longest roadtrip in the league
6,946 The average capacity of the Southern League's 10 stadiums
11,000 The capacity at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville -- over twice that of the league's smallest park, Joe W. Davis Stadium in Huntsville
19,400,000 Number of dollars spent to construct Tennessee's Smokies Stadium in 2000
Compiled by Jason Ratliff,