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Baseball is a game of numbers. These figures can be added, subtracted, divided, multiplied, bent, twisted and turned in any number of ways to tell a story about a player, a team or, in this case, a league. Here's a look at Texas League, by the numbers:

0 The number of games to be played at St. Louis' new Busch Stadium before Springfield takes on the Cardinals' Triple-A affiliate, Memphis, there on April 4, 2006
.667 The career Major League on-base percentage of Arkansas manager Keith Johnson, who went 2-for-4 with two walks for Anaheim in 2000
1 Number of years that the Texarkana Casket Makers were in the Texas League
1 Number of Texas League Players of the Year who have become Major League All-Stars since 1990 -- Johnny Damon
1 Number of Texas League teams that are owned by the Major Leagues' all-time strikeout leader, Nolan Ryan -- the Corpus Christi Hooks
1 Number of times in the past 40 years that a Texas League player has hit 40 or more home runs in a season -- Brandon Berger hit 40 for Wichita in 2001
2 Number of different players named Farmer who won the Texas League batting title in 1888-90 -- Farmer Weaver (1888) and Farmer Works (1889-90)
2 Number of guys named Tex who have driven in 100 or more runs in the Texas League -- Tex Vache and Tex Hoffman
2 Number of perfect games in Texas League history -- Galveston's Ed Cole on July 10, 1935, and Shreveport's Dave Wilhelmi on May 4, 1983
2 Number of Triple Crown winners in Texas League history -- Waco's Del Pratt in 1927 (.386-32-140) and Midland's Adam Piatt in 1999 (.345-39-135)
2 Number of triples hit by Beaumont's CooCoo DeMaggio during the fifth inning on June 26, 1922 -- a league record
3 Number of games missed by Shreveport's Ken Guettler in 1956 when his specially-perscribed glasses were stolen from his locker in Houston -- he still went on to hit a league-record 62 home runs that year
3 Number of separate times San Antonio has been in the league -- 1907-42, 1946-64 and 1968-present
3 The number of Texas League teams that drew over half a million fans -- the first time three teams have ever reached that total in one year
3 Number of days it took to score a run in the longest game in Texas League history -- San Antonio beat Jackson, 1-0, in 26 innings, on July 14-16, 1988
4 Number of 30-30 players in Texas League history -- Beaumont's Paul Easterling in 1932, El Paso's Jose Cardenal in 1963, Jackson's Darryl Strawberry in 1982 and Midland's Jacques Landry in 2001
5 Consecutive number of seasons Round Rock broke the Texas League season attendance record before moving to the Triple-A Pacific Coast League in 2005
5 Number of minutes Frisco corporate marketing manager Michael Drake was born after his twin sister, one of his seven siblings
5 Number of Hall of Famers who played for the Little Rock Travelers -- Tris Speaker, Travis Jackson, Bill Dickey, Jim Bunning and Ferguson Jenkins
5 Number of 2006 Texas League managers that played in the Major Leagues -- Dave Clark, Stu Cole, Von Hayes, Keith Johnson and Frank White
9 Number of unique women's bathrooms at Frisco's Dr Pepper/7 Up Ballpark, which were designed by an interior decorator
10 Number of different teams that have won the Texas League Championship in the past 12 seasons
11.75 The average price, in dollars, of the most expensive ticket at Texas League ballparks
15 Number of saves Orel Hershhiser had for San Antonio in 1981
16 Number of consecutive Wichita batters that reached base against Tulsa in the third inning on May 22, 2002 -- a Texas League record
18 Number of games won by new Drillers owner Chuck Lamson when he pitched for Tulsa in 1979-81
29 The number of Texas League players who have gone on to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
37 Number of consecutive games in which El Paso's Bobby Trevino hit in 1969 -- a Texas League record
45 Number of years since the Travelers changed their name from Little Rock to Arkansas, becoming the first professional team to be named for an entire state
46 Number of years between Corpus Christi's two stints in the Texas League -- 1958-59 and 2005-present
50 Percentage of the Texas League teams that are not located in Texas -- Springfield (Mo.), Wichita (Kan.), Tulsa (Okla.) and Arkansas
55 The average age of Hall of Famers Charlie Gehringer, Frank Baker, Travis Jackson, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Mickey Cochrane and Dizzy Dean when they took the field for the Dallas Eagles on Opening Day of 1950 at the Cotton Bowl, drawing a Texas League-record 54,151 fans (Dallas' regulars took the field after Dean walked the leadoff batter)
56 Number of runs scored by El Paso (35) and Beaumont (21) on April 30, 1983, in the highest-scoring game in the history of the Texas League
65 The difference in average age between the oldest two ballparks in the league (Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and Ray Winder Field -- 73 years old) and the six others, which average eight years old
110 Number of years since a Texas League player has stolen 100 bases in a season
149 The number of miles between Corpus Christi and San Antonio -- the shortest roadtrip in the Texas League
418 Number of consecutive at-bats Tulsa's Ike Futch went without a strikeout in 1965 -- a Texas League record
826 The number of miles between Corpus Christi and Springfield -- the longest roadtrip in the Texas League
5,712 Number of votes pitcher Chris Lambert received in the Springfield Cardinals contest to determine who would be featured on 2500 Bobbleheads, beating out Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson by 109 votes
6,844 Number of wins accumulated by San Antonio since first joining the Texas League in 1888 -- the most in league history
7,063 Number of losses accumulated by San Antonio since first joining the Texas League in 1888 -- the most in league history
7,303 Average capacity of the eight Texas League stadiums
10,997 The capacity of Drillers Stadium in Tulsa -- the largest stadium in Double-A baseball
15,000 Number of shares of Little Rock Travelers stock that were sold in 1960
537,631 The average season attendance of Frisco, Springfield and Corpus Christi in 2005 -- the first time three Texas League teams have drawn over a half million fans
2,834,335 Number of fans that attended Texas League games in 2005 -- an all-time league record
Compiled by Jason Ratliff,