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02/16/2009 9:53 AM ET
Indians VP & GM Cal Burleson comments
Comments regarding IBJ story on CIB and Victory Field

INDIANAPOLIS -- "The Indianapolis Indians have been a successful franchise because we have stayed with our mission - that of providing Indians Baseball at Victory Field as affordable and memorable family fun."

"The affordability part is very important. We have the lowest ticket prices of any professional sport in town, and we have same daily ticket prices for the third year in a row. We will continue to include the Indians Knot Hole Kids Club as one of our ticket options - enabling kids 14 and under to purchase a season pass to all 72 games for $14. Our concession prices are also lower than at the other sports venues, and fans who sit in the lawn seating area can bring in their own food and beverage."

"The memorable aspect includes keeping Victory Field safe and clean, and in so doing, we like to think we mirror the image of downtown Indianapolis. Our expenditures on Victory Field are significant, and the result is that many people believe that the Ball Park looks a lot closer to being new, than it does to its actual age of being 12 1/2 years old."

"We have paid all of our own operational expenses, and we are not seeking any renegotiation of our terms. We are already paying a ticket tax, over and above the rent we agreed to in our lease. As the Indians experience the same economic challenges as the rest of the country is facing, we do not think it would be fair for us to have to burden our fans with an even higher tax that is designed to ultimately benefit other organizations."

Statement from Cal Burleson, Vice-President & General Manager, Indianapolis Indians