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Mehring Monday: Stock Sale
12/05/2011 3:26 PM ET
An example of a Stock Certificate for Appleton Professional Baseball.
An example of a Stock Certificate for Appleton Professional Baseball. (Appleton Professional Baseball)
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A local professional sports team is selling stock over the holiday season.  Stock and supporting the local team is going to be a unique gift for the sports fan in your life.  And it is an affordable gift for you to support the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

That's right.  The Green Bay Packers aren't the only team in Wisconsin with a stock sale.

The full details of being a stockholder in Appleton Professional Baseball may be found elsewhere on the Timber Rattlers website. (Run your cursor over "About" up top and click on "Become a Shareholder" on the pull down menu for more information)  But, to give you a quick rundown it is just $50 and you may vote for the Board of Directors, attend the annual meeting, and receive two free tickets to Opening Day.

As of this morning, the Timber Rattlers have 229 shareholders with 415 active shares.  Most of the fans who own stock in the team are from Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  But, there are owners from Arizona and California to Maine and Delaware.  There are even owners from exotic places like the Grand Cayman Islands and Pittsburgh.

If you are thinking about purchasing stock in one professional sports team in Northeastern Wisconsin, consider the Timber Rattlers.  There is no deadline on the sale of the Timber Rattlers stock.  You can wait.  But, then it wouldn't be a holiday gift. Comments
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