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NFL Contest, Week 15
12/20/2012 10:37 AM ET
The following are the winning point totals and ticket numbers for Week 15 of the Friends of Community Field NFL Contest:

First Place - (2-way tie) $300 each
129 Points
Ticket #20120065
Cardinals, Seahawks, Saints

Ticket #20120673
Cardinals, Saints, Seahawks

Third Place - (7-way tie) $14.29 each
125 Points
Ticket #20120619
Patriots, Seahawks, Saints

Ticket #20120366
Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks

Ticket #20120341
Saints, Patriots, Seahawks

Ticket #20121229
Seahawks, Falcons, Saints

Ticket #20121329
49ers, Broncos, Seahawks

Ticket #20120465
Seahawks, Bengals, Saints

Ticket #20120420
Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks

Lowest Score - $30
10 Points
Ticket #20120729
Chiefs, Jaguars, Chargers

Second Lowest Score - $20
13 Points
Ticket #20120249
Jaguars, Chiefs, Jets Comments
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