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Getting To Know The Redbirds: Michael Wacha
Redbirds Right-Hander Reveals The Answers To The Important Questions
06/25/2013 6:17 PM ET

Full Name: Michael Joseph Wacha

Nicknames: "Waka Flocka", "Wachamole", "Wach"  

Twitter: @MichaelWacha

Resides: Texarkana, Texas

Hometown: Texarkana, Texas

School: Texas A&M University

Favorite TV Shows: "The Office", "Breaking Bad", "Friday Night Lights", "Eastbound & Down", "Family Guy"

Last Movie I Saw At The Theater: "Silver Linings Playbook"  

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Food: Steak or pizza

Favorite Restaurant: Chili's

Music On My iPod: Country, Rap/Hip-Hop

Most Embarrassing Song On My iPod: Anything Justin Bieber

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid: "Rocket Power"

Last Book I Read: The Hunger Games trilogy

If I Could Be Anyone Else In The World For One Day, It Would Be: John Gast   

Favorite Website:

Most Memorable Baseball Moment: Getting drafted (by St. Louis in the 1st round (19th overall) in the 2012 MLB June Amateur Draft), Going to the College World Series (2011 with Texas A&M University)  

My First Car Was: Ford F-150

I Currently Drive A: GMC Yukon Denali

I'm Afraid Of: Snakes

My BFF On The Team:  Nick Additon

Best Dresser On The Redbirds: Adron Chambers is always looking fly  

Quietest Person On The Redbirds: Justin Christian

Teammate Most Likely To Be On A Reality Show: Eric Fornataro

Hidden Talents: Make a three-leaf clover with my tongue

Favorite Nintendo Game: "NFL Blitz"

Favorite Team City To Travel To On A Road Trip: Nashville

Advice For Kids Who Want To Play Professional Ball: Work hard

If I Could Face Any Batter Or Pitcher, It Would Be: Oscar Taveras

Favorite Current Athlete In Another Sport: Aaron Rodgers

Person I Would Most Like To Meet Outside Of The Baseball World: Aaron Rodgers

Biggest Influence On My Pitching Style Or Batting Stance: Texas A&M Head Coach Rob Childress

My First Job: Worked at Minton's Sportsplex in the daycare section

On An Off Day, I: Sleep or play golf

My Dream Date: Jennifer Lawrence

Superstitions And Pregame Rituals: Can't tell you that

Organizations I Was Involved With As A Kid: Boys & Girls Club 

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