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Contact Your Canadians
02/27/2014 2:43 PM ET

(Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium - Vancouver, B.C.) - Thank you for inquiring about the three-time, defending Northwest League Champions, the Vancouver Canadians. We are a proud Minor League Affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Here at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium have a year-round staff that is ready and willing to assist you with any matter you might have pertaining to Vancouver Canadians Baseball. There are a number of ways you can reach us, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Would you like to reach us by Mail?

  • Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club
  • Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium
  • 4601 Ontario Street
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • V5V 3H4

Would you like to call or fax us?

  • By Phone - 604.872.5232
  • By Fax - 604.872.1714

Would you like to e-Mail us?

  • To email the Canadians, click here.


Would you like to contact our staff directly?

Jake Kerr

Principal Owner & Managing General Partner


Jeff Mooney



Andy Dunn



To email Andy, click here.

JC Fraser

General Manager

604.872.5232 ex 321

To email JC, click here.

Allan Bailey

Assistant General Manager

604.872.5232 ex 328

To email Allan, click here.

Andrew Remedios

Financial Controller

604.872.5232 ex 322

To email Andrew, click here.


Would you like to contact our Sales & Marketing Department?

Graham Wall

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

604.872.5232 ex 329

To email Graham, click here.

Jennifer Jones

Manager, Sales & Marketing Services

604.872.5232 ex 333

To email Jennifer, click here.

Andrew Forsyth

Manager, Group Sales

604.872.5232 ex 380

To email Andrew, click here.

Michael Richardson

Manager, Sales & Promotions

604.872.5232 ex 383

To email Michael, click here.

Lindsay Scharf 

Coordinator, Sales & Marketing Services

6048.872.5232 ex 381

To email Lindsay, click here.


Would you like to contact our Community Relations Department?

Jeff Holloway

Director, Community Relations & Team Operations

604.872.5232 ex 342

To email Jeff, click here.


Would you like to contact our Communications Department?

Rob Fai

Director, Communications & Broadcaster

604.872.5232 ex 340

To email Rob, click here.


Would you like to contact our Ballpark Operations Department?

Cale Reining

Manager, Ballpark Operations

604.872.5232 ex 325

To email Cale, click here.

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