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2005 MiLB Awards

Offensive Player: Brandon Wood
Starting Pitcher: Justin Verlander
Relief Pitcher: Jermaine Van Buren
Foreign-Born Player: Francisco Liriano
Breakthrough Performer: Rich Hill
Team: Jacksonville Suns
Single-Game Performance: Ian Snell

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Offensive Player: Rick Short, New Orleans
Starting Pitcher: Francisco Liriano, Rochester
Relief Pitcher: Jermaine Van Buren, Iowa
Foreign-Born: Francisco Liriano, Rochester
Breakthrough: Rich Hill, Iowa
Team: Toledo Mud Hens
Single-Game: Ian Snell, Indianapolis
Playoff Performance: Marcus Thames, Toledo
Offensive Player: Delmon Young, Montgomery
Starting Pitcher: Joel Zumaya, Erie
Relief Pitcher: Chris Ray, Bowie
Foreign-Born: Justin Huber, Wichita
Breakthrough: Bobby Jenks, Birmingham
Team: Jacksonville Suns
Single-Game: Nic Ungs, Carolina
Playoff Performance: Jeremy Brown, Midland

Offensive Player: Brandon Wood, R. Cucamonga
Starting Pitcher: Justin Verlander, Lakeland
Relief Pitcher: Chris Britton, Frederick
Foreign-Born: Carlos Villanueva, Brevard County
Breakthrough: Brent Clevlen, Lakeland
Team: Frederick Keys
Single-Game: Thomas Diamond, Bakersfield
Playoff Performance: Chris Lubanski, High Desert
Offensive Player: Eric Campbell, Danville
Starting Pitcher: Shane Lindsay, Tri-City
Relief Pitcher: Josh Schmidt, Staten Island
Foreign-Born: Rene Aqueron, Bluefield
Breakthrough: Eric Campbell, Danville
Team: Elizabethton Twins
Single-Game: Radhames Liz, Aberdeen
Playoff Performance: Jose Arredondo, Orem