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Birmingham's Wish List

Dear Santa:

We know you're busy this time of year answering wishes for horsies, Wiis, and those Bakugan things, but we wanted to drop you a line in hopes that this request may make it through the Quality Control screening process.

Granted, baseball season won't officially be here until April, but it's only about 6 weeks 'til pitchers and catchers report. Until then, which is sort of like Christmas in and of itself, we'd like to pass along a few requests from us good folks in Birmingham who could all use a favor or two.

We don't know if you knew this or not, but our former stadium here in Birmingham, Rickwood Field, is the oldest ballpark in America, and we go back to play there once a year on the same turf once trod by some of baseball's legends. For just one game, can you help us pull off a real-life "Field of Dreams"-type moment, and bring Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Satchel Paige back from the dead so they can take the field with Reggie Jackson, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron? Since all those guys dug into the box at Rickwood at some point, it would be awesome to see them all on the same field at once.

Our new place, Regions Park, is pretty cool too. Back in '94, a guy named Michael Jordan quit his job playing basketball to come swing the lumber and patrol right field for us. It packed the place every night. Any chance you can convince him to come back and play for us one last time? Granted, it would be great if he'd bring some of his other hoops buddies like Magic and Bird with him, but we'll take what we can get.

Don't get us wrong though ... we still have great crowds now. In fact, we're the only Double-A team in the country to pull more than a quarter-million fans every season for the last 21 years. But our numbers may go a bit higher if we could remind people around here that spring and summer don't have to be devoted to dreaming of football season. We know this state is a big football hotbed, but come on…does it really matter if a 17-year-old linebacker prospect upped his bench press 10 pounds? Oh, and along those lines, could you magically convince people that Paul "Bear" Bryant was a huge Barons fan? We guarantee that our attendance would triple if folks thought that.

Well, we should probably be wrapping this thing up about now. Please help us win another Southern League title this season. Sure, we've been to the playoffs seven times in nine years, but that 2002 ring is starting to feel a bit distant. And can you get us more office space? It's not much fun being crammed into small areas and having to stare at each other's ugly faces all the time. Oh, and world peace would be nice too.

Thanks a bunch. Can't wait to hear from you.


The Birmingham Barons
P.S. Thanks for the Freitas Award. That was a nice early Christmas gift.