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Toledo's Wish List

Its been 2 whole years since we got our shiny championship rings
The Mud Hens have been very good all year so were asking for a few things

A new attendance record with millions of fans
A big name player rehabbing maybe once a home stand

The greenest turf with bases so white
Beautiful video boards with lights so bright

Celebrity guests on any given date
An automatic tarp that pulls its own weight

Hardworking interns and endless opportunities for sponsorships
A private plane, a luxury charter bus for use on our road trips

We would like our season ticket holders to have massaging seats
We could use hundreds of home runs, stolen bases, and other amazing feats

Warm April night games resistant to frost
Giveaways big in value and low in cost

The funniest theme nights and best promotions ever
Entertainment that is top of the line and just plain clever

Merchandise sales through the roof
Everyone outfitted in Mud Hens attire as proof

Friendly rivalries with our fellow opponents
That result in the best of web gem moments

Five solid months of perfect weather
Great defensive plays that flash the leather

Anthem singers who are always on key
Come from behind wins after a big rally

Weekend attendance on weekdays
And definitely no rain delays

Kids running the bases in orderly fashion
Foul balls caught in gloves with passion

Autographs for every girl and boy
Players love to give our fans joy

Wed like every day to be an Opening Day
And for the umps to say what we think they should say

Oh and to finish with the best record in the league
Sorry if we happen to beg or plead

Thats about sums up our list
We dont want to, but have to insist

That you stop by for a game or for any reason
And of course, to all we wish a great season!

The Toledo Mud Hens