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MiLB game averages $57 for four
04/20/2010 1:57 PM ET
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Enjoying a Minor League Baseball game this season will again be one of the more affordable forms of family entertainment. A survey of the 160 Minor League Baseball clubs in the U.S. and Canada that charge admission for their games found the average cost for a family of four to take in a Minor League Baseball game this season is $57.70.

"Minor League Baseball continues to lead the way in providing affordable family entertainment to communities throughout the country," stated Minor League Baseball president, Pat O'Conner. "At a time when many of our fans face the economic and social challenges of the day, we are pleased to offer a family-fun, community-oriented entertainment outlet that is so reasonably priced."

The survey is based on the price of two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hot dogs, two sodas, two beers, a program and parking. The price for an adult ticket is $8 or less at more than 80 percent of Minor League Baseball's stadiums.

The cost for a family of four to attend is even more economical when one considers that many clubs do not charge fans for parking or the berm seating available at numerous stadiums, as well as the special ticket prices available to senior citizens, military personnel and children at most Minor League Baseball parks.

The average cost of a night at a Minor League ballpark ranges from $67.77 for a Triple-A game to $50.26 for a Class A Short-Season or Rookie-level contest. The Double-A ($57.47) and Class A/Class A Advanced ($57.44) classifications are within $.30 of the industry average.

Average price by classification
Item: Triple-A / Double-A / Class A / Short-Season and Rookie
Adult ticket: $8.15 / $7.02 / $6.71 / $5.69
Child ticket: $6.98 / $6.00 / $5.96 / $4.99
Hot Dog: $3.23 / $2.71 / $2.87 / $2.53
Soda: $2.95 / $2.62 / $2.68 / $2.29
Beer: $5.46 / $4.49 / $4.58 / $4.14
Program: $2.73 / $2.47 / $2.10 / $2.10
*Parking: $5.04 / $3.90 / $4.00 / $3.82
* Price where fee is charged