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12/14/2010 3:12 PM ET
(Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium - Vancouver, BC) - The Vancouver Canadians are very fortunate to have some of the most loyal fans in all of professional sports. Despite the chill from a typical West Coast winter complete with grey skies, heavy rain and the odd snowstorm - a true C's fan still has visions of a summer in the sunshine enjoying a game with a cold drink as the 'boys of summer' fight toward another Northwest League championship.

Our mailbag has become full as of late and we thought it might be time to answer a few of your questions as we gear up to ring in 2011.

Kyle Stevenston Age 9

I was wondering if you think the Toronto Blue Jays will give us a good team that will help win a title in 2011?

Great question Kyle.

The Toronto Blue Jays came out to Vancouver back in September to help us announce our new partnership and vowed to help us field a competitive team.

To be fair, every team in the Northwest League has a parent club that wants them to do well and gives them great players. You and I can only hope that the team we get can 'gel' together and play well as a team and maybe bring a championship to Vancouver!

Greg Minten Surrey

Hello, I wanted to say that I think you all do a terrific job out there at the ballpark and my daughter Katrina wanted to know if you were ever going to let Chef Wasabi win a few more times?

Spicy inquiry!

For the record, Chef Wasabi has won a pair of races during his time with the Canadians and although that puts his lifetime record at a miniscule 2-74, maybe this year will be the turning point.

I can tell you that our Sushi Race was one of the most talked about items on our facebook and twitter pages this past season.

Have you signed up for our social media? Go to or and learn more about what we are up to including how our sushi are training for the upcoming season!

If you want to see the Vancouver Canadians Sushi Mascots in training, click here to check them out on our Youtube Canadians TV Channel.

Brianna Jones Age 11

My name is Brianna and I like the dancing grounds keepers at the stadium. Do you know what their names are? Who taught them how to dance so funny?

Happy Holidays Brianna and awesome questions!

Well, first of all there are four (4) CAT Rental Store Grounds Crew members and their names are Tom, Trevor, Teppei and Greg.

Tom has been working as our head grounds keeper for a few years now after working in Alberta with the old Calgary Cannons and Edmonton CrackerCats. We are thrilled to have Tom with us here in Vancouver and here's something you might not know... Tom gets really nervous before he goes out to dance each and every time, but once he hears you all cheering, it makes him feel better.

Teppei has been with the C's for a few years as well after living in Japan his whole life! Could you imagine what it would be like to travel all the way to the other side of the world and find a job with a professional sports team and help them keep their stadium in tip-top shape? Pretty Cool!

Greg was our newest member this past season and picked up those dance moves in no time! Greg attends the University of British Columbia and used to play baseball here at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium as a member of the UBC Thunderbirds Baseball Team.

I saved Trevor for last because he is a part of the answer to your second question which was 'who teaches these guys how to dance.

Trevor joined the Canadians a number of years back as an intern and worked his way up to Assistant Head Groundskeeper as he works to keep our mounds and infield the best they can possibly be.

A young woman named Candace trains the boys on their dance moves as she herself teaches dance. Trevor and Candace met just before she took the role on and wouldn't you know it, they got married this past year!

Congrats once again to Trevor and Candace and to the whole CAT Rental Store Grounds Crew for an awesome summer.

If you want to see some of their dance moves, click here to check them out on our Youtube Canadians TV Channel.

Kevin Gilliam Burnaby, BC (lifetime C's and Mounties Fan)

Hey Guys,

Will the Canadians ever be going back to Triple-A and would you ever consider going to BC Place with the new retractable roof? Thanks and Go C's Go!

Hmmm... This is a tricky one.

There is no doubt that some in Vancouver would love to see the return of Triple-A baseball to our city and maybe even play downtown in the new dome.

Personally, I kind of like what we have here at Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium.

I am sure that our ownership group of Jake Kerr, Jeff Mooney and Andy Dunn will take a look and every single option available to them - but I believe they are baseball fans first and big supporters of creating an environment that families and business partners can be proud to call 'home'.

' Who knows? As a former reporter, I would never say never to Triple-A baseball, but right now from what I see, this model of short-season baseball is working (two straight attendance records) and as usual, it's more about the sunshine, hot food and cold drinks out at 'The Nat' anyways.

Patricia Chan Vancouver, BC

I like to take transit to the games and am wondering if you have seen an increase in attendance because of the new Canada Line?

I like transit too! I am not sure if we have seen sizeable gains from the new Canada Line, but I can tell you that it does make it a lot easier for fans to find their way to the ballpark now.

Coming in from the downtown core or Richmond, you can get off at King Edward Station and it takes about 10 minutes to get to the front gates of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium. What is even cooler is the walk as a really enjoyable one with nice homes and the Hillcrest Olympic Curling venue to keep your eyes wandering.

Of course you can still find your way up Main Street and get off at around 30th, but for me, I love the new Canada Line and hope this coming year you will check it out as well!

Thanks to everyone who sent in letters to us over the past few weeks. We promise to try our best to get to as many as possible and hope you'll check back soon for our next Canadians Inbox update.

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