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Ask Recognize my vintage caps?
05/29/2014 3:16 PM ET

Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the Minor Leagues, the players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities -- no promises, though.

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How's [Byron] Buxton doing in the Twins organization? -- Tanner

In short, it's been a rough start to 2014 for the 20-year-old. Buxton,'s No. 1 overall prospect, hasn't had the season he and the Twins envisioned. The outfielder missed all of April with a wrist sprain he suffered in Spring Training before finally returning in a rehab assignment for Class A Advanced Fort Myers on May 4. He played in five games, going 3-for-20 with a homer and two RBIs before reinjuring his wrist May 8. The Twins put him back on the disabled list May 11, and he was sent for an MRI to compare the issue to what sidelined him in March. Results showed it was indeed the same injury, and he is now sidelined indefinitely. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Buxton was examined by hand specialist Dr. Tom Varecka before returning to extended Spring Training. He has a sprained pisotriquetral joint, which is apparently slow to heal.

"It's always disappointing," Twins assistant general manager Rob Antony told the newspaper. "It's disappointing that [third baseman prospect Miguel] Sano is missing the season [rehabbing after Tommy John surgery] as well. Now Buxton. Losing out on development time is a big thing."

Maybe you [can] help me. Over the last 10 years I have accumulated over 200 Minor League caps. As you know, some teams change affiliation and some teams fold. I have two caps in my collection and for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the respective teams. I am looking for some help. -- Bud

The one with the plane is the Capital City Bombers, which was based out of Columbia, South Carolina (this franchise became the Greenville Drive). The Rhino cap is the River City Rumblers, which was an Appy League team out of Huntington, West Virginia, for just one season -- 1995.

How can I get a copy of last night's stick horse races after the first inning against the Midland blood hounds??? -- Lee

That's a tough one. We'd suggest contacting the Midland RockHounds.

How do you tryout to be a professional baseball player? -- Daniel

My son plays Little League baseball. How can he play for the Minor League? -- Nat

I just wanted to ask if teams in this league hold open tryouts and when do they usually hold them and how do I get information on when and where the next one will be for the Visalia Rawhide? -- Bret 

I'm a 19-year-old pitcher who recently moved to the U.S. Where can I get some info for any tryouts near Florida?  -- Chris

I was just curious, how often do the [Northwest] Arkansas Naturals have tryouts? And how do you go about signing up to tryout? -- Amber

You can attend one of the many Major League scouting tryout camps -- the schedule is listed at or just Google "MLB tryouts." The MLB Scouting Bureau also has a Facebook pageYou may also want to contact the local Minor League teams in your area, as ballparks often serve as host locations for parent organizational camps. But, please note, you cannot directly tryout for any Minor League team, and you must be at least 16 years old to tryout. More info here.

Is there still a team in Amarillo, Texas, and can you give me any info? Thank you. -- Harry

No. The closest team is probably Midland, about 240 miles south.

I have been voting fairly regularly on the Clash of the Caps promotion and I am wondering how the pairing is decided? I have been tracking the selections and have found that there appears to be quite a difference in how many times a certain team's hats show up. Being a vested Phillies fan (and their MiLB teams) I don't seem to be able to vote for them near as often as some other teams show up? It's too bad the fans can't simply vote directly for a team of their choice as opposed to this methodology that has some teams hats showing up more often than others. -- Barry

Your contest about the best caps in the MiLB is a joke!!!! I have spent an hour going through the matchups only to see my team show up twice. How in the hell are we supposed to vote if they never show up? Fix this damn problem so my team shows up more often then your favorite teams do. EL PASO CHIHUAHUAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -- Heather

We've received a few questions like this. As there are 12,720 different combinations of matchups within Clash of the Caps (and each matchup is randomly generated), it's unlikely that you will see an even distribution of all matchups within a short time period. Over time, and roughly two million votes, all teams were represented practically equally. The contest was specifically designed so that users would experience random matchups to allow people to see as many different caps as possible and to prevent folks from ballot stuffing for their favorite teams, even the Phillies. Ballot stuffing isn't cool, and El Paso won anyway. Sorry, conspiracy theorists.

Hello, I would like to know what the policy is for acquiring a mascot for the Alex's Lemonade Stand my niece and family will be holding on June 7. My niece was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago and it was her idea to hold this event last year and she would like to have this become a yearly event. -- Jennifer

You should contact the club whose mascot you are interested in getting for your event. Good luck! 

Is it permitted to bring a dog with you to the game if you have a group in the lawn seats? Or, are dogs only permitted for Bark in the Park games? What is the date of Bark in the Park also? Thank you! -- Sally

Hi, Sally, you've emailed, the website rather than the Minor League club you probably intended to contact. Though we'd love to build a ballpark and invite you and your pups to visit, sadly we haven't gotten that built yet. But you should contact the local club in your area for details on Bark in the Park and their other promotions.

Where does this team play in Lakewood? I looked at the schedule and it said they're playing at another venue this week. Is it still in Lakewood? -- Lili

Here is a link to their stadium address and directions to it.

What big league team is El Paso associated with? -- Tom

The San Diego Padres.

Is the game going to be rescheduled because of rain?

The game? Which one? But yes, probably.

I have a question on parking, we will be attending the concert on May 31 and was wondering if you have spaces for RV parking just for the concert then leaving after, NOT camping just parking for the concert. -- Kirk

We here at love good music, but we're not hosting any concerts on May 31. Please contact the club that plays in the park where the concert is taking place. Most clubs have contact info on their websites. Also, if you email us with details as to the club involved, we'd be happy to get you the club's contact info.

How do I get to GAMEDAY pitch by pitch? I've tried scores, standings, schedule. Is there an issue with the site? -- Ron

If a game has Gameday available, there will be a "Gameday" button to click from a variety of places (scoreboard pages, club websites, the box scores themselves). Some games only have regular box scores, though.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Are the Las Vegas 51's [MiLB.TV broadcasts] subject to home game blackouts? -- Sheldon

No. All Las Vegas games are available to all viewers in any market.

How many times is it mandated to drag the field during the game? Twice, during third and sixth, or once in the fifth? Is it mandated one or the other? -- Bill

There is no mandate regarding how many times an infield should be dragged during a game.

How can I find out what teams are within a six-hour drive from Lexington, Kentucky?

We have a Google map with all Minor League ballparks that you can browse.

I was wondering how I would audition to sing the national anthem at a game. I have been wanting to for a very long time and could never figure out how to audition. -- Sara

You'd simply need to contact the Minor League team(s) you're interested in auditioning for. They can give you details on their specific policies for that. Many teams hold open auditions before the season begins and post the dates on their websites.

Hi I have a question. How could I be one of the Aces' cheerleaders? -- Azena

You should contact the Reno Aces with your question. Good luck!

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