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As our community along with the rest of the world face the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many brave men and women on the front lines helping to fight the outbreak. Numerous heroes from numerous industries such as health care, first responders, public safety, grocery stores, and other essential services continue to work and put their lives at risk to ensure our health and safety. 

The Binghamton Rumble Ponies organization thanks all of these individuals and would like to recognize these individuals. Each week starting on April 20th, the Rumble Ponies will recognize as many frontline heroes as we possibly can. It is our goal to be able to recognize (1) frontline hero each day from 4/20 until the baseball season returns.

We are calling on the entire Southern Tier Community to nominate a frontline hero from your neighbor down the road who is a nurse, to your son or daughter working in the supermarkets, to the doctor who takes care of your grandparents. Help join the Rumble Ponies in being #SouthernTierStrong and recognizing these brave individuals.

We ask that you please fill out the nomination form below with all of the information requested. Once you have filled out your form, please send a picture of your frontline hero to Eddie Saunders, Director of Community Relations at [email protected].

We will recognize as many frontline heroes as we possibly. If your nominee is featured, you will receive an email from Eddie Saunders informing you when your frontline hero will be featured.

To all the frontline heroes out there we thank you on behalf of the entire Rumble Ponies Front Office, Players, and Coaches.