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Boyce Cox Field & Bristol Pirates Info



The Pirates provide all guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience at Boyce Cox Field. See HANDICAPPED PARKING and HANDICAPPED SEATING.


Bristol Baseball, Inc.
P.O. Box 1434
Bristol, Virginia 24203
Phone: (276) 206-9946
Twitter: @BriBucs or



The signs you see in the concourse, in the outfield and the dugout, and the ads you read in the program are from the advertisers and sponsors who support the Pirates the 501C3 non-profit Bristol Baseball Inc. organization, helping to keep professional baseball alive in Bristol. Support the advertisers who support the Bristol Pirates and Bristol Baseball, Inc. Anyone interested in advertising with the Bristol Pirates should contact


The Bristol Pirates are an Advanced Rookie affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates and are a member of the ten-team Appalachian League


As a courtesy to others enjoying the game, guests are requested to refrain from walking in aisles during player at-bats.


Alcohol may not be brought through the gates at Boyce Cox Field. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase, possess and consume alcohol sold at Boyce Cox Field. Bristol Baseball, Inc. and the Bristol Pirates may ID all purchasers and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. All alcohol must remain in the ballpark and may not be taken into the restrooms. Alcohol is also not permitted in our designated alcohol free zones, which are reserved seating sections C-E and the home plate grand stands. Sales are limited to 2 beverages per person at a time. No alcohol will be sold after the end of the eighth inning or three hours after the scheduled start of the game. The Bristol Pirates reserve the right to end alcohol sales earlier. The Bristol Pirates encourage fans that choose to drink to do so responsibly and to select a Designated Driver.


Certified service animals or service animals in training are welcome at Boyce Cox Field. Any other animals are prohibited from entering the ballpark. Any exceptions will be at the discretion and authorization of the Bristol Pirates and Bristol Baseball, Inc.


Bristol Pirates players often sign autographs before and after each game when time permits. However, Bristol Baseball, Inc. cannot guarantee that autograph opportunities will be available.



All bags and containers are subject to inspection by gate personnel prior to entering the ballpark. Only soft-sided coolers smaller than 16" x 16" x 8" may be brought into the ballpark. Bristol Baseball, Inc. has the right to inspect all bags, backpacks and coolers entering the stadium.


Standing or stepping on ballpark seats in the reserved/box area may lead to serious bodily injury or damage. The Bristol Pirates request, for your safety and that of other ballpark guests, that you do not step, stand on or use seats in a manner other than intended. If you become aware of a broken or loose seat in the reserved/box section, please report it to the nearest usher or any Bristol Baseball, Inc. Board member.


The stadium will be closed to the public until gates open one hour prior to the game. Therefore, most batting practices have already concluded.


Want to have your friend or family member's special day announced at Boyce Cox Field? For just $15, the Pirates will welcome them to the ballpark with a special public address announcement. For more information, see the P.A. announcer in the Press Box before the game.



Still and video cameras are welcome in Boyce Cox Field for personal use. Guests may not stand in the aisles while using camera equipment, obstruct the views of others, or use tripods or monopods. No image or video taken inside Boyce Cox Field may be reused or rebroadcast for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Bristol Pirates and Bristol Baseball, Inc. Professional cameras with detachable lenses longer than 200mm will not be allowed into Boyce Cox Field. Consent may be requested by contacting


To ensure the safety of all fans, players and personnel, carry-in items may be inspected at the gate or at anytime while inside the ballpark. Other than by pavilion guests with prior permission, carry-in items larger than 16" x 16" x 8" will not be permitted into the ballpark. Any food or drink must fit in a soft-sided cooler within those dimensions. Hard-sided coolers are not permitted, other than by pavilion guests with prior permission. No glass bottles or cans may be brought into the park. Fans are welcome to bring soft drinks, juice drinks and water provided they are in clear plastic bottles and the safety seal has not been broken. Insulated foam cups/containers from restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations, etc. are not permitted in Boyce Cox Field. Since Pizza and Peanuts are sold by Bristol Baseball Inc. we ask that those items not be brought inside the ballpark as the sale of these items help us to pay to keep professional baseball in town.


Guests are welcome to use cellular phones at the ballpark provided their use does not disturb other guests or players.


The Virginia High School Band Boosters operate a concession stand behind home plate serving the traditional tastes of baseball. Beer sales are limited to the beer pavilion.


The Treasure Chest souvenir stand, Beer Pavilion and Concession Stand accept credit cards, with a minimum charge of $5.00.


Heading North: Take exit 3 and merge on to I-381 South towards Bristol. I-381 will turn into Commonwealth Avenue. Continue approximately 1.5 miles and then turn right onto Euclid Avenue. The park will be ahead on the right, approximately 0.6 of a mile.

Heading South: Take exit 3 and merge on to I-381 South towards Bristol. I-381 will turn into Commonwealth Avenue. Continue approximately 1.5 miles and then turn right onto Euclid Avenue. The park will be ahead on the right, approximately 0.6 of a mile.

Click here for a link to Google Maps so that you may get directions from your location.


Dingbat was the mascot for the Bristol Sox from 2000-2013 and decided he couldn't leave beautiful Boyce Cox Field. Dingbat continues to serve the faithful Bristol Pirates fans today! He appears at all home games and at many community events. Captain Buc joined Dingbat when the Pittsburgh Pirates affiliation came to town and has been delighting and entertaining fans since day one. To arrange for Dingbat or Captain Buc to appear at your next event, contact the Pirates at



Guests wishing to leave the ballpark but planning to return during the same game are able to do so with proper ticket stub and approval from the gate personnel. Fans' hands may be stamped.



While at Boyce Cox Field, the Bristol Pirates want everyone to have a great experience every night. Fans using loud, obscene or abusive language or engaging in any other conduct detrimental to the social environment of enjoying the ballgame will be asked to cease their conduct, and may be subject to ejection from the stadium.

Examples of this type of conduct include intoxication, unruly behavior, use of foul language, inappropriate dress (shirts and shoes are required, and offensive or suggestive attire is not permitted), violation of local, state or federal law, behavior deemed objectionable by the Bristol Pirates or Bristol Baseball, Inc., or any behavior that infringes upon other fans' ability to enjoy the game. Violators may also be referred to the Bristol, Virginia Police Department.


In the interest of player and guest safety and regulations by MiLB, the Bristol Pirates maintain a zero- tolerance policy regarding fan interference with a ball in play, disruption of an event at Boyce Cox Field, or interfering with field and ballpark staff. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from Boyce Cox Field and subject to arrest by the Bristol Virginia Police Department.


Mail for the players or personnel can be sent to: Player/Personnel Name, c/o Bristol Baseball, Inc. P.O. Box 1434, Bristol, Virginia 24203.


Local youth league baseball or softball teams are invited to participate in our Field of Dreams program at each home game. One team per game is selected to stand on the field with the Pirates players during the playing of the National Anthem. Team members are also invited to participate in that evening's on-field games in between innings. Up to 12 players and 2 coaches from the participating team are permitted to enter free. Other players, coaches and family members are admitted at regular rates. If your team is interested in participating, fill out the form here: Field of Dreams Form


The Bristol Pirates and their sponsors are happy to be able to provide the excitement and enjoyment of fireworks to fans on special occasions. Fans sitting in the third base stands will have to leave that seating area immediately after any game followed by fireworks, and should relocate to the first base side of the stadium and/or the adjacent football field to enjoy the fireworks display.


For guests needing non-emergency medical attention, first aid is available at the Pirates Treasure Chest, located behind the home plate grandstand.



Guests are welcome to keep any foul ball or bat hit or thrown into the stands. At no time should a foul ball be thrown back onto the field. Guests throwing any object onto the field or interfering with a ball in play will be subject to removal. Guests should stay alert at all times for bats, balls and other items which could land in the seating area. The Pittsburgh Pirates, their affiliates, Bristol Pirates, Bristol Baseball, Inc., and the City of Bristol, VA will not be responsible for any injuries. Fans assume all risk, danger and injury incidental to the game of baseball or related activities, whether occurring before, during, or after the actual playing of the game, including (but not limited to) the danger of being injured by thrown or broken bats, thrown or batted balls or other objects, or by others in attendance.


All fans should enter and exit Boyce Cox Field through the main gate located in the parking lot off Euclid Avenue.


All gates open one hour prior to game time. In the event of a doubleheader, gates open 30 minutes before the start of the first game. Gate times are subject to change for special events throughout the season.


Gift Certificates for tickets and merchandise are available by calling (276) 206- 9946.


The Bristol Pirates offer group ticket pricing of $4.00 per ticket for groups of 10 or more. For groups or 25 or more, you may combine your ticket with a Hot Dog Dinner for $13.00 per person, Pizza Dinner for $15.00 per person or a BBQ dinner for $17.00. For more information, please see our ticket prices. We can also offer rental of the hillside pavilion. For info, please see PAVILION.



There are a limited number of handicap parking spots located at the main entrance of Boyce Cox Field. These spaces are first-come, first-serve. Please see a Bristol Baseball parking lot attendant if no handicap parking spots remain upon your arrival. There are also golf carts available to take patrons as close to their seats as possible.


Boyce Cox Field is equipped with handicap seating with companion seating available upon request. If a fan needs any special assistance, please contact any member of the Bristol Baseball, Inc. staff.



Misplaced articles may be turned in at the Treasure Chest. Items may be picked up at any Bristol Pirates home game. Items not claimed prior to the end of the season will be donated to charity.



The Bristol Pirates Media Relations Department handles all matters concerning any form of news media. For credential requests or inquiries about player or staff interviews, please contact the Department at



Fans interested in singing the National Anthem before a Pirates game should contact to schedule an audition.



The public address system is not used for paging guests. However, in the event of a emergency or special circumstance, consideration will be given to using a general page.


Parking is free for all fans visiting Boyce Cox Field. Fans are invited to park in the lots facing Euclid Avenue and Division Street. Additional parking is available across Division Street at the Euclid Avenue Shopping Center.


The Johnson-Halstead Pavilion at Boyce Cox Field is available for rent at every Bristol Pirates game other than Gospel Sundays. Perfect for business parties, birthday parties, family gatherings and more, the cost of rental is only $75 and is to be before the night that you have reserved. We will not be able to reserve the pavilion unless payment has been made. We do require that you be at least eighteen (18) years of age to rent the pavilion. On the night of your rental, Bristol Baseball, Inc. will mark off the pavilion to ensure reservation is exclusively for the group that has rented. Bristol Baseball, Inc. will also be more than willing to assist in bringing in any supplies that you bring along.


Bristol Baseball Inc. is proud to operate the Pirates Community Fund to help benefit charities. Bristol Baseball Inc. and the Bristol Pirates work with many local charities as well as some of Minor League Baseball's Official Charities. We are looking for local non-profit organizations interested in participating. To participate, fill out the request sheet by going to the Pirates Community Fund page. Participating organizations must provide four (4) workers on their selected date(s). Please note that dates you request are subject to availability. 


Programs are available at the program stand as you walk up the concourse. Throughout the game, the Bristol Pirates will announce many lucky number winners. You will find your lucky number on a ticket stub stapled to the front of your program.


For the comfort and security of all, the following items are not permitted in Boyce Cox Field:

  • Footballs
  • Boom Boxes
  • Frisbees
  • Inflatable Balls
  • Laser Pointers
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons or any item(s) that can be used as a weapon
  • Hover Boards
  • Excessive Noise Makers
  • Glass Containers

The Pirates reserve the right to inspect and remove any packages and containers.


Promotional items are occasionally given away as fans enter or exit the ballpark. We would like to thank our nightly sponsors for their support of the Bristol Pirates. Promotional items have individual restrictions, and giveaway dates are subject to change due to weather or other cancellations. A schedule of promotional dates is available at Eligible fans are entitled to one promotional item when they enter or exit the ballpark, while supplies last.


In 2018, every Bristol Pirates home game and select away games will be broadcast on the official site of the Bristol Pirates,

Ear/headphones are strongly encouraged for fans who wish to listen to their radios, iPods, or similar devices, and fans who play such devices at a volume which disturbs others in the immediate area may be asked to refrain from using such devices without ear/headphones.


If we could control the weather, we would. In general, the Bristol Pirates have the right to delay the start of a game. Once the Pirates manager gives his batting order to the umpires, the right to determine if a game will be interrupted or terminated lies with the umpire-in chief. Professional baseball rules require at least five (5) innings to be completed (4 1/2 if the home team is leading) to be considered a complete game. Because of efforts to complete games wherever possible, some weather related delays during, or prior to, games may occur. If a Bristol Pirates home game is rained out, fans are advised to check the Pirates website at and our social media outlets. Tickets are non-refundable and may be used at the next game in the event of a rainout. 


Fans who leave Boyce Cox Field may only re-enter if they first make arrangements with Bristol Baseball, Inc. personnel, which may include the stamping of the fans' hand.



Please visit our tickets page for more information.


Tobacco products of any kind, including E-Cigarettes are not permitted inside the gates of Boyce Cox Field. 


The Bristol Pirates maintain a presence in the world of online social networking. Follow @BriBucs on Twitter for all the latest news and become a fan of the Bristol Pirates on Facebook. Your Bristol Pirates are also on Instagram and you can follow us at @BristolPirates.


Guests are prohibited from distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials, without written permission from the Bristol Pirates and Bristol Baseball, Inc.


The Treasure Chest is the official souvenir store of the Bristol Pirates. It is located behind the home plate stands. The Treasure Chest features hats, shirts, team cards, and other items for fans of all ages. The store is open from the time the gates open on until 15 minutes after the conclusion of each game. The Treasure Chest is also online at


In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation from the park, fans will be directed via the public address system to exit the ballpark through either the main Euclid Avenue exit or the Division Street exit in right field. Fans may also choose to seek shelter under the concrete stands at the adjacent football field.


Boyce Cox Field welcomes guests with strollers. However, their use should not in any way inhibit general guest movement or block any aisles. Strollers should be stored in a compact position.



All fans over the age of 4 must have a ticket to enter Boyce Cox Field. Fans under the age of 4 are admitted free with a paid adult admission. Ticket prices for other fans are very affordable:

Children ages 5-12 $5

General Admission $6

Reserved Box Seat $9 ($3 inside the stadium)

Fans may also purchase two types of season tickets. See SEASON TICKETS for more information.


Fans may purchase tickets at the ticket booth located to the right of the Euclid Avenue gate. The ticket booth is open on each game day at least one hour prior to the start of the game.




Umbrellas are permitted inside Boyce Cox Field, provided they do not block the view of other guests. Umbrellas are not permitted on the top row of the home plate grandstands.



Visiting team fans are guests to Bristol and Boyce Cox Field. Harassment of the visiting team or their fans will not be tolerated and may reject in ejection from the park.



If there is a chance of incelement weather, please check our website often for more details. Rained out games will be announced via our website and marquee outside of the stadium. For ticket information regarding rain out games, please see RAIN DELAY/CANCELLATION.


Visit the Bristol Pirates website at for detailed team and ballpark information and special promotional nights. For more information about the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which operates the Bristol Pirates, Bristol Baseball, Inc.'s website can be found at


Weapons of ANY kind are strictly prohibited from entering Boyce Cox Field. This includes guns, large knives, or any device or item that can be harmful to others. Bristol Baseball, Inc. has the right to confiscate items, and if neccessary, turn the matter over to the Bristol Virginia Police Department.


Fans may order tickets in advance of game day by emailing These tickets will be held at the ticket booth. The Bristol Pirates do not currently take online orders.