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5/15 -fridaynightbash! Foul Ball Night

Bring your mitt and win some prizes on Friday
May 15, 2014

Bisons fans, make sure you bring your gloves to Coca-Cola Field and keep those eyes on the field because Friday, May 15 (7:05 p.m.) is the 3rd annual FOUL BALL NIGHT, presented by WISE Snacks.

Back by popular demand, this great promotion gives you the chance to win any number of incredible prizes, as long as you catch a foul ball! So have a game of catch before you head to the ballpark because we don't want to put up any errors on the scoreboard (event details below)!

Don't forget, this year's Foul Ball Night is also a fridaynightbash!, presented by Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino. The fun starts when the ballpark gates open at 5:00 pm for Flying Bison Happy Hour with great $3 craft beers and specials on Charlie the Butcher Beef on Weck and BW Barbeque pulled pork sandwich. And of course, no fridaynightbash! is complete without post game Fireworks!

Get your Foul Ball Night/fridaynigthbash! tickets HERE!

What is Foul Ball Night?
Catch a foul ball, win a prize. It's that simple. You can win for yourself or even your whole section.
Prizes will only be won if a ball reaches the seats on a fly and is retrieved in the stands. Balls thrown into the stands by coaches or players will not be counted, so no sucking up to Gary Allenson coaching third base!

Each fan who gets a foul ball either on a fly or on the ground in the stands will win a bag of delicious WISE chips.

If a foul ball is caught on a fly, fans will win one of the following prizes:

- $25 Fastball Cash Card
- Autographed Baseball
- Complete set of WCC Dolls

…And no cheating, we'll have instant replay at our disposal!

Fans will want to be on the look-out for the 3rd foul ball of each inning (Remember, it's the 3rd foul ball to reach the stands on a fly!), because if the ball is either caught in the stands on a fly or picked up on the ground in the stands, that lucky fan will win one of these incredible prizes:

- BPO 4-pack
- 2 Darien Lake Season Passes
- Autographed Kawasaki Jersey t-shirt
- Star Wars 4-pack
- Autographed Baseball
- Personalized Jersey
- 2 Darien Lake Passes
- 2 tickets to Bases Merlot-ed Wine event (June 6)
- 2 tickets to the 2015 Erie Co. Fair.
- Grand Prize - Blue Jays Tickets

Last but certainly not least, we'll have the Lucky Section contest!

-If a foul ball goes into the designated lucky section of the inning, everyone in that section will receive a ticket to the Bisons game on May 26th. A lucky section will be designated before each of the Bisons half innings at the plate.

Now, the all-important rules…Only foul balls that reach the seats will count towards the on-going tally and foul balls thrown into the stands by players or coaches do not count. Foul balls that bounce into the stands will not count and foul balls that land in the seats, but then bounce onto the field of play will count towards the tally, but no one will win a prize for that specific ball.

Good luck, and remember to sharpen up that hand-eye coordination and bring your glove to the ballpark for a chance to win any of these great prizes!