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2020 Softball Season

The Burlington Royals are releasing their inaugural Slow-Pitch Softball League. 8 teams. 10 players per team. 8 week season. All leading up to see who will be crowned Champions during the Tournament of Champions.

$100 per player (teams must have 10 players).

*All players MUST adhere to specific rules and regulations surrounding social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 preparedness. See Rules and Modifications below.*


Team Information

Tournament of Champions

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 4 teams will advance to the Tournament of Champions. If teams are tied, the team(s) with the higher run differential will advance. The tournament will take place on August 11th with Game 1 (#1 Seed v. #4 Seed) at 6:00pm, followed by Game 2 (#2 Seed v. #3 Seed). The Championship game will take place immediately after Game 2 ends.

All participating teams will be invited out to a future Burlington Royals game to be highlighted. The Championship Team and MVP will be crowned at this time, as well. The Championship Team will also secure their place in Burlington Lore with a running plaque displayed at Burlington Athletic Stadium.

Rules and Modifications

  1. Games will be 7 innings or 60min Max time (whichever comes first)

    a. Game will end upon completion of the inning

  2. Game Rules

    a. Start 1-1 count

    b. Game Run Rule

     - 15 after 4 innings
     - 10 after 5+ innings

    c. Game Times

     - 5:30pm - 6:30pm
     - 6:45pm - 7:45pm
     - 8:00pm - 9:00pm
     - 9:15pm - 10:15pm

    d. All outs are “forced”

     - No tags
     - See "No Return Rule"

    e. Games will be played on 90ft base paths

    f. No metal spikes allowed (rubber spikes are permissible)

    h. No bunting

  3. Additional Rules for COVID-19 Preparedness & Overall Player Safety

    a. All players to be temperature tested before entering

     - 99.5 and under okay

    b. All players will maintain 6ft spacing in dugouts and sidelines

    c. No high fives or handshakes

    d. Dugout railings and benches will be sprayed down with sanitizer after each game

    e. No fans in attendance

    f. Max: 25 people in stadium

    g. No Return Rule

     - Once a runner has advanced past a base further than 15ft they must advance to the next base and becomes a force play
     - If they return they are out
     - Lines will be painted in dirt and ruled upon by the umpire
     - This rule is to avoid tags and keep 6ft spacing

    h. Plays at Home

     - An additional base (10 ft to the left) will be placed to the left of home plate so that runner and catcher keep a safe distance
     - Catcher will remain at home plate to make outs while runners will run to the "added" home plate

    i. All plays at all bases are “forced"

    j. All players are required to wear a Face Mask at all times

  4. Sanitization Rules

    a. Bats and balls will be sanitized after every play

    b. A cleaning solution will be provided to each team and they are required to sanitize bat after each use

    c. Cleaning solution will be placed on mound for pitchers

    d. Pitchers will be required to spray and wipe softball after each play is finished

     - Will not be required to do so on ball from catcher back to pitcher after a pitched ball during at-bat

    e. Teams must bring their own bats, masks & batting gloves

f. Game 2, 3, and 4 teams must remain in the parking lot keeping a safe distance from each other before entering

     - Once the previous game is finished and teams leave, the following game's teams may enter

g. All players that are non-compliant with above rules & regulations will not be permitted admittance into the ballpark