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Carolina League playoff format


Four clubs will qualify for the postseason: the winners of each half in each division. Should one club win both halves of a division, the club in the same division with the second-best second-half winning percentage will qualify as a "wild card."


Both Division Series will open on the second day following the conclusion of the scheduled regular season. They will continue on consecutive days until a champion is determined. The two half winners within each division will face each other in a best-of five series to determine the division champion. The first two games will be played on the grounds of the second half winner (or wild card), and the remaining necessary game(s) on the grounds of the first half winner. 


The Mills Cup Championship Series will open on the eighth day following the end of the scheduled regular season, unless delayed by called or postponed games in either Division Series. The opening of the Series will also be delayed if either competing club is required to travel 500 or more miles following a game the previous day. Once begun, the Series will continue on consecutive days until a champion is determined.

In odd-numbered years, the first two games will be in the city of the Northern Division Champion, with the remaining necessary games in the Southern Division Champion's city. This format will be reversed in even-numbered years.


In case two or more clubs shall have the same percentage at the close of the first half of the championship season, the following tie-breakers will be used. The first tie-breaker is head-to-head first-half record. If that is also tied, the first meeting between the clubs in the second half will determine the first-half championship. If three clubs have identical percentages at the end of the first half and all have identical records against the other two, the first second-half game between any two of them would eliminate one club, and the next meeting of the other two clubs in the second half would determine the first half champion.


In the event that two or more clubs finish with the same percentage in the second half championship (or "wild card" postseason berth), ties will be broken as follows: first by head--to-head second-half record. If that is tied, second by overall head-to-head record. If that is also tied, then by overall record.