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April 4 - at Kane County



April 5th - at Kane County (Snowed Out)



April 8th - vs. Kane County



April 9th - vs. Wisconsin



April 10th - vs. Wisconsin



April 11th - vs. Wisconsin



April 12th - vs. Wisconsin



April 13th - at Cedar Rapids



April 14th - at Cedar Rapids



April 17th - vs. Burlington



April 19th - vs. Burlington



April 20th - vs. Beloit



April 21st - vs. Beloit



April 22nd - vs. Beloit



April 23rd - at Wisconsin



April 24th - at Wisconsin



April 25th - at Wisconsin



April 26th - at Wisconsin



April 27th - at Beloit



April 28th - at Beloit



April 29th - at Beloit



May 1st - vs. Bowling Green



May 2nd - vs. Bowling Green



May 3rd - vs. Bowling Green



May 4th - vs. Dayton



May 5th - vs. Dayton



May 6th - vs. Dayton



May 7th - at West Michigan



May 8th - at West Michigan



May 9th - at West Michigan



May 10th - at South Bend



May 11th - at South Bend



May 12th - at South Bend



May 14th - at Peoria



May 15th - at Peoria



May 16th - at Peoria



May 17th - at Peoria



May 18th - vs. Cedar Rapids



May 19th - vs. Cedar Rapids



May 20th - vs. Cedar Rapids



May 21st - vs. Burlington



May 23rd - vs. Burlington



May 24th - vs. Burlington



May 25th - at Cedar Rapids



May 26th - at Cedar Rapids



May 27th - at Cedar Rapids



May 28th - at Cedar Rapids



May 29th - vs. Quad Cities



May 30th - vs. Quad Cities



May 31st - vs. Quad Cities



June 1st - vs. Peoria



June 2nd - vs. Peoria



June 3rd - vs. Peoria



June 5th - at Burlington



June 6th - at Burlington



June 7th - at Burlington



June 8th - vs. Kane County



June 9th - vs. Kane County



June 10th - vs. Kane County



June 11th - vs. Kane County



June 12th - at Quad Cities



June 13th - at Quad Cities



June 14th - at Quad Cities



June 15th - at Beloit



June 15th - at Beloit



June 16th - at Beloit



June 17th - at Beloit



June 21st - vs. Kane County



June 22nd - vs. Kane County



June 23rd - vs. Kane County



June 24th - vs. Kane County



June 25th - vs. Burlington



June 26th - vs. Burlington



June 27th - vs. Burlington



June 28th - at Wisconsin



June 29th - at Wisconsin



June 30th - at Wisconsin



July 1st - at Wisconsin (Rained Out)



July 2nd - at Kane County



July 3rd - at Kane County



July 4th - vs. Kane County



July 5th - vs. Kane County



July 6th - at Beloit



July 7th - at Beloit



July 8th - at Beloit



July 9th - at Beloit



July 11th - vs. Great Lakes



July 12th - vs. Great Lakes



July 13th - vs. Great Lakes



July 14th - vs. Lansing



July 15th - vs. Lansing



July 16th - vs. Lansing



July 18th - at Lake County



July 19th - at Lake County



July 20th - at Lake County



July 21st - at Fort Wayne



July 22nd - at Fort Wayne



July 25th - at Cedar Rapids



July 26th - at Cedar Rapids



July 27th - at Cedar Rapids



July 28th - vs. Peoria



July 29th - vs. Peoria



July 30th - vs. Peoria



July 31st - vs. Peoria



August 1st - at Quad Cities



August 2nd - at Quad Cities



August 3rd - at Quad Cities



August 4th - vs. Wisconsin



August 5th - vs. Wisconsin



August 6th - vs. Wisconsin



August 8th - vs. Cedar Rapids



August 9th - vs. Cedar Rapids



August 10th - vs. Cedar Rapids



August 11th - at Peoria



August 12th - at Peoria



August 13th - at Peoria



August 14th - at Peoria



August 16th - vs. Beloit



August 18th - at Kane County



August 19th - at Kane County



August 20th - at Kane County



August 21st - at Burlington



August 22nd - at Burlington



August 23rd - at Burlington



August 24th - vs. Wisconsin



August 25th - vs. Wisconsin



August 26th - vs. Wisconsin



August 29th - vs. Quad Cities



August 31st - vs. Quad Cities



September 1st - at Burlington



September 2nd - at Burlington



September 3rd - at Burlington (Rained out)



April 6th - at Kane County



April 7th - at Kane County



April 8th - vs. Kane County



April 9th - vs. Kane County



April 10th - vs. Beloit



April 11th - vs. Beloit



April 13th - at Burlington



April 14th - at Burlington



April 15th - at Burlington



April 17th - vs. Wisconsin



April 18th - vs. Wisconsin



April 19th - vs. Wisconsin



April 20th - at Quad Cities



April 21st - at Quad Cities



April 22nd - at Quad Cities



April 23rd - at Quad Cities



April 24th - at Beloit



April 25th - at Beloit



April 26th - at Beloit



April 27th - vs. Quad Cities



April 28th - vs. Quad Cities



April 29th - Rained Out



April 30th - Rained Out



May 2nd - at West Michigan



May 3rd - at West Michigan



May 4th - at West Michigan



May 5th - at South Bend



May 7th - at South Bend



May 8th - vs. Lansing



May 10th - vs. Lansing



May 11th - vs. Great Lakes



May 12th - vs. Great Lakes



May 13th - vs. Great Lakes



May 15th - at Wisconsin



May 16th - at Wisconsin



May 17th - at Wisconsin



May 18th - vs. Burlington



May 19th - vs. Burlington



May 20th - vs. Burlington



May 21st - vs. Burlington



May 22nd - at Cedar Rapids



May 23rd - at Cedar Rapids



May 24th - at Cedar Rapids



May 25th - at Cedar Rapids



May 26th - vs. Wisconsin



May 27th - vs. Wisconsin



May 28th - vs. Wisconsin



May 29th - vs. Wisconsin



May 30th - at Beloit



May 31st - at Beloit



June 1st - at Beloit



June 2nd - vs. Peoria



June 3rd - vs. Peoria



June 4th - vs. Peoria



June 6th - vs. Cedar Rapids



June 8th - vs. Cedar Rapids



June 9th - at Peoria



June 10th - at Peoria



June 11th - at Peoria



June 12th - at Peoria



June 13th - vs. Beloit



June 14th - vs. Beloit



June 15th - vs. Beloit



June 16th - at Cedar Rapids



June 17th - at Cedar Rapids



June 18th - at Cedar Rapids



June 22nd - vs. Beloit



June 23rd - vs. Beloit



June 24th - vs. Beloit



June 25th - vs. Beloit



June 26th - at Kane County



June 27th - at Kane County



June 28th - at Kane County



June 30th - vs. Cedar Rapids



July 1st - vs. Cedar Rapids



July 2nd - vs. Cedar Rapids



July 3rd - vs. Cedar Rapids



July 4th - vs. Burlington



July 5th - vs. Burlington



July 7th - at Quad Cities



July 8th - at Quad Cities



July 9th - at Quad Cities



July 10th - at Quad Cities



July 12th - vs. Dayton



July 13th - vs. Dayton



July 14th - vs. Dayton



July 15th - vs. Bowling Green



July 16th - vs. Bowling Green



July 17th - vs. Bowling Green



July 19th - at Fort Wayne



July 20th - at Fort Wayne



July 21st - at Fort Wayne



July 22nd - at Lake County



July 23rd - at Lake County



July 24th - at Lake County



July 26th - vs. Quad Cities



July 27th - vs. Quad Cities



July 28th - vs. Quad Cities



July 29th - at Cedar Rapids



July 30th - at Cedar Rapids



July 31st - at Cedar Rapids



August 1st - at Cedar Rapids



August 2nd - at Wisconsin



August 3rd - at Wisconsin



August 4th - at Wisconsin



August 5th - vs. Peoria



August 6th - vs. Peoria



August 7th - vs. Peoria



August 8th - vs. Peoria



August 10th - at Beloit



August 11th - at Beloit



August 12th - at Beloit



August 13th - at Beloit



August 14th - vs. Kane County



August 15th - vs. Kane County



August 16th - vs. Kane County



August 17th - vs. Kane County



August 18th - at Peoria



August 19th - at Peoria



August 20th - at Peoria



August 21st - at Peoria



August 22nd - at Burlington



August 23rd - at Burlington



August 24th - at Burlington



August 25th - vs. Wisconsin



August 26th - vs. Wisconsin



August 27th - vs. Wisconsin



August 28th - vs. Wisconsin



August 30th - vs. Kane County



August 31st - vs. Kane County



September 1st - vs. Kane County



September 2nd - at Burlington



September 3rd - at Burlington



September 4th - at Burlington



April 7 - at Kane County



April 8 - Rained out



April 9 - vs. Kane County



April 10 - vs. Kane County



April 11 - vs. Beloit



April 12 - vs. Beloit



April 13 - vs. Beloit



April 14 - at Cedar Rapids



April 15 - at Cedar Rapids



April 16 - at Cedar Rapids



April 17 - at Cedar Rapids



April 18 - at Peoria



April 19 - at Peoria



April 20 - at Peoria



April 21 - Rained Out



April 22 - vs Cedar Rapids



April 23 - vs Cedar Rapids



April 24 - vs Cedar Rapids



April 26 - at Bowling Green



April 27 - at Bowling Green



April 28 - at Bowling Green



April 29 - at Dayton



April 30 - at Dayton



May 1st - at Dayton



May 2nd - vs Fort Wayne



May 3rd - vs Fort Wayne



May 4th - vs Fort Wayne



May 5th - vs Lake County



May 6th - vs Lake County



May 7th - vs Lake County



May 9th - at Wisconsin



May 10th - at Wisconsin (Rained out)



May 11th - at Wisconsin



May 12th - vs Peoria



May 13th - Rained out



May 14th - vs Peoria



May 15th - vs Peoria



May 17th - at Quad Cities



May 18th - at Quad Cities



May 19th - at Quad Cities



May 20th - vs Burlington



May 21st - vs Burlington



May 22nd - vs Burlington



May 23rd - vs Burlington



May 24th - vs Wisconsin



May 25th - vs Wisconsin



May 26th - vs Wisconsin



May 27th - at Burlington



May 28th - at Burlington



May 29th - at Burlington



May 30th - at Burlington



May 31st - Rained Out



June 1st - vs. Quad Cities



June 2nd - vs. Quad Cities



June 3rd - at Beloit



June 4th - at Beloit



June 5th - at Beloit



June 7th - at Wisconsin



June 8th - at Wisconsin



June 9th - at Wisconsin



June 10th - vs Beloit



June 11th - vs Beloit



June 12th - vs Beloit



June 13th - vs Peoria



June 14th - Rained out



June 15th - vs Peoria



June 16th - at Kane County



June 17th - at Kane County



June 18th - at Kane County



June 19th - at Kane County



June 23rd - vs Kane County



June 24th - vs Kane County



June 25th - vs Kane County



June 26th - vs Kane County



June 27th - at Wisconsin



June 28th - at Wisconsin



June 29th - at Wisconsin



June 30th - at Wisconsin



July 1st - at Peoria



July 2nd - at Peoria



July 3rd - at Peoria



July 4th - vs Burlington



July 5th - vs Burlington



July 6th - vs Burlington



July 7th - vs Burlington



July 8th - at Quad Cities



July 9th - at Quad Cities



July 10th - at Quad Cities



July 11th - at Quad Cities



July 13th - vs South Bend (Rained Out)



July 14th - vs South Bend



July 15th - vs South Bend



July 16th - vs West Michigan



July 17th - vs West Michigan



July 18th - vs West Michigan



July 20th - at Lansing



July 21th - at Lansing



July 22nd - at Lansing



July 23rd - at Great Lakes



July 24th - at Great Lakes



July 25th - at Great Lakes



July 27th - vs Wisconsin



July 28th - vs Wisconsin



July 29th - vs Wisconsin



July 30th - at Kane County



July 31st - at Kane County



August 1st - at Kane County



August 2nd - at Kane County



August 3rd - at Cedar Rapids



August 4th - at Cedar Rapids



August 5th - at Cedar Rapids



August 6th - vs Beloit



August 7th - vs Beloit



August 8th - vs Beloit



August 9th - vs Beloit



August 11th - at Burlington



August 12th - at Burlington



August 13th - at Burlington



August 14th - at Burlington



August 15th - vs Quad Cities



August 16th - vs Quad Cities



August 17th - vs Quad Cities



August 18th - vs Quad Cities



August 19th - vs Peoria



August 20th - vs Peoria



August 21st - vs Peoria



August 22nd - at Beloit



August 23rd - at Beloit



August 24th - at Beloit