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Q&A with LHP David Peterson

David Peterson was selected by the Mets in the first round of the 2017 MLB First-Year Player Draft. Peterson pitched at the University of Oregon and finished his career with 273 strikeouts - the second-most in school history. He also tossed 256.2 innings, which is tied for the sixth-most in Ducks history. Peterson grew up in Los Angeles and then moved to Denver just before high school.

Sam Hyman: David, welcome to Columbia. How does it feel being in your first full season in Minor League Baseball?

David Peterson: It feels great. I am happy to be here and ready to make an impact any way I can. Like you said, being on a full season team is very exciting and I am ready to get this journey going.

Sam Hyman: What was going through your mind during your first start for the Fireflies in 2018?

David Peterson: My plan all along was to just attack the hitters and get ahead of them. I always want to make hitters hit in my count. I think I did a good job of that. That's what led to our teams success and if I can continue that moving forward things will be bright.

Sam Hyman: Where were you on draft day in 2017 and what was your reaction when the Mets called your name?

David Peterson: I was still in school at Oregon and in our student athlete cafeteria surrounded by family and friends. It was the best feeling in the world hearing my name called that day knowing my dream of playing professional baseball was going to come true.

Sam Hyman: What is life like at the University of Oregon and specially the baseball program?

David Peterson: Our mission is to show up to the ballpark every day and work hard to win ball games. It is a great environment to play in and I am happy that I played there for three years.

Sam Hyman: What was your most memorable moment on the mound with Oregon?

David Peterson: I would have to say my start last season against Arizona State when I had 20 strikeouts (April 28, 2017). It was the only complete nine-inning game I threw in college. It was a good team win and the one game that sticks out for me.

Sam Hyman: What are Oregon football games like and did you ever get a chance to meet Marcus Mariota?

David Peterson: It is an unbelievable atmosphere. Yes, I have met Marcus and he is a great person.

Sam Hyman: Can you describe what is was like playing on the USA Collegiate National Team during the summer of 2016?

David Peterson: It was incredible. I was fortunate enough to be coached by George Horton, who was also my college coach at Oregon. Anytime you can put USA across your chest and play for the country you were born in is a special feeling. The first time I put that uniform on and listened to our National Anthem in another country I just got goosebumps and chills. That experience is going to stick with me for the rest of my life.

Sam Hyman: What are some things you like to do in addition to baseball?

David Peterson: I love to golf and fish. I enjoy the outdoors and hiking mountains. We have a several guys in the Mets organization who get together and go fishing or something like that.

Sam Hyman: How do you like your teammates so far in Columbia?

David Peterson: We have a lot of guys from spring training and our Brooklyn team last year that are here together. It's fun to be with them again. I am excited for everyone involved.

Sam Hyman: Thank you for your time, David.

David Peterson: Yea absolutely, no problem.