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Trainee & Employment Opportunities

D-Braves Trainee Program

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 Trainee program. To apply for the Sales & Operations Trainee position, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] with a resume and three references. 


What our past trainees have said about the program:

"Working for the Danville Braves was an incredible experience not just for the thrill of working in sports, but also for the people I worked with and the responsibilities and opportunities I had. I never felt like a trainee or intern - I genuinely felt like part of the team and had the chance to do so many different things that all made me a better professional." - Ben Boynton, 2019 Media Relations Trainee

"The trainee program was simply the best opportunity for me to get into baseball. Since I graduated college in the May, there weren't many ways for me to start a career in sports. The D-Braves trainee program was a perfect bridge into my professional career as I gained real world experience and was treated as a valuable asset to the team. As the media trainee, I made real strides in improving my writing ability, practiced professionalism with members of the media, and improved my craft in social and digital media." - Stephen Brunson, 2018 Media Relations Trainee

"I had a great experience as a Sales & Operations Trainee with the D-Braves. I was given the opportunity to learn about and participate in many facets of the running of the team, as well as learning a great deal about minor league baseball in general. I also got to work with and get to know a lot of wonderful people from the greater Danville community. I'll always be grateful to the D-Braves for taking a chance on a non-traditional trainee, and for giving me an opportunity to pursue by dream of working in professional baseball." - Sandy McKenzie, 2018 Sales & Operations Trainee

Gameday Staff

Apply at each of the links below for our open positions:

For all general gameday positions, please apply here.

For more specific roles at our ballpark, please apply below:

Concessions Stand Manager 


On-Field Host

Music Operator 

Stats Stringer