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Trainee & Employment Opportunities

D-Braves Trainee Program

Our trainee positions have been filled for the 2019 season. Please check back in Fall 2019 to inquire about future positions. 

2019 Media Trainee Job Description

 2019 Sales & Operations Job Description

What our past trainees have said about the program:

"The trainee program was simply the best opportunity for me to get into baseball. Since I graduated college in the May, there weren't many ways for me to start a career in sports. The D-Braves trainee program was a perfect bridge into my professional career as I gained real world experience and was treated as a valuable asset to the team. As the media trainee, I made real strides in improving my writing ability, practiced professionalism with members of the media, and improved my craft in social and digital media." - Stephen Brunson, 2018 Media Trainee

"I had a great experience as a Sales & Operations Trainee with the D-Braves. I was given the opportunity to learn about and participate in many facets of the running of the team, as well as learning a great deal about minor league baseball in general. I also got to work with and get to know a lot of wonderful people from the greater Danville community. I'll always be grateful to the D-Braves for taking a chance on a non-traditional trainee, and for giving me an opportunity to pursue by dream of working in professional baseball." - Sandy McKenzie, 2018 Sales & Operations Trainee

Gameday Staff

Our staff is full for the 2019 season. Please reach out in spring 2020 to implore about employment opportunities for the 2020 season.  

Gameday Staff Application