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Legion Field FAQ

Where is the Braves' office located?

The Danville Braves administrative offices are on the ground level next to the firstbase ramp. There is a door that has a "Braves Front Office" sign on it. The Braves may also be reached at (434) 797-3792.

Where is Customer Service located?

The Customer Service tent is located next to the ramp on the first base side of Legion Field (between Sections B and C). This is your destination if you want to register for in-game contests, claim prizes, report lost children or adults, leave found items, look for lost items, or if you have any questions or problems.

How may I obtain directions to American Legion Field at Dan Daniel Park?

Directions may be found under the Stadium tab on our site. The physical address of Legion Field is 302 River Park Drive, Danville, VA 24540.

Where is the First Aid station located?

In the event that medical attention is needed, please come to the Customer Service tent by the ramp between Sections B and C on the first base side. All injuries, accidents, or illnesses should be referred to the first aid station.

Where do I enter/exit Legion Field?

Fans can purchase tickets at the Ticket Teepee on first base side, and will be directed to redeem their tickets near the third base side (under the entrance labeled "Danville Braves Stadium Entrance"). Fans will be permitted to exit with the intent to re-enter only if they have properly dated ticket stubs. When tickets are no longer being collected, all gates at the main gate may be used as exits.

Does Legion Field maintain a Lost and Found?

We keep a variety of 'found' items at the Customer Service tent on the first base side. If you have lost something, come by Customer Service to see if we have it. we would also appreciate you bringing things you've found to the table.

How do I report a lost child or parent?

The Customer Service tent is where you would go to report a lost child or parent and for us to help you find a lost patron. If you attend games with children, make sure they keep their ticket stubs. It makes it easier to find you if we have to.

Where is the telephone located at Legion Field?

If you need use of a telephone while at Legion Field please visit the Customer Service Tent and a Braves employee will escort you into the office to use the phone.

How may I contact a member of the Danville Braves staff or players?

The Danville Braves administrative office and ticket information office number is (434) 797-3792. Our general e-mail address is [email protected]

Where is wheelchair access provided?

Patrons in wheelchairs are accommodated in numerous sections. There are two seats each in Section A and C, and ten seats available in Section B. There is also availability in front of the last General Admission sections on both the first and third base sides.

Where are the drinking fountains?

There are five drinking fountains located at Legion Field. They are located on the back of each clubhouse and by the restrooms.

Where are the restrooms located?

There are two sets of public restrooms at the park. There is set immediately as you enter the main gate, and the other set is by the ramp between Sections A and B on the third base side. All restrooms are handicapped accessible.

Can I keep foul balls?

You may keep all the foul balls you can catch, but you need to remember a couple of things. First, those balls are hit hard, so be very careful. Second, if you go onto the field to interfere with a play (or on top of any buildings), we're going to take away the ball and ask you to leave.

Where can I get game time information?

Games start at 6:30 p.m., except on Sundays, when the first pitch is either 2 p.m. or 6 p.m. Doubleheaders on Monday - Saturday start at 5 p.m. and on Sundays at 4 p.m. There may be some special times for some games, so call ahead or find ticket and schedule information on our website. Game times are subject to change without notice.

Where do I go for advance ticket sales?

Advance tickets may be purchased at the Braves office at Legion Field, by calling the Braves office at 434-797-3792, or online at Tickets will not be held without payment. Please contact the Braves staff for more information. 

Where can I find schedules?

Pocket schedules and other printed materials are available at the Customer Service gazebo and in many businesses in the Danville area. Or you can write to Pocket Schedule, c/o Danville Braves, P.O. Box 378, Danville, VA 24543.

When do the gates open?

Batting practice fans and folks who enjoy being first in line at the Concessions Stand can start coming through the gates an hour before the game is scheduled to start.

What do I do about parking?

The main parking lot is located along the first base side. There are overflow parking lots on the third base side of the stadium. Handicapped parking is available at the front of the main parking lot on the first base side. All parking lots are property of the City of Danville and are managed by the city. Parking is Free.

Where and when is beer sold during the game?

Draft Beer is available at the main concession stand behind home plate. In addition to domestic drafts, stands behind Section A and C offer bottled beer. Beer is sold until the end of the 7th inning.

What items are sold at concessions stands at Legion Field?

The concession stands offer a variety of traditional ballpark fare from hot dogs to popcorn to French fries. Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of the Danville Braves, and the Braves serve a variety of Coke fountain and bottled products (including Dasani water).

Can I bring my own cooler, food, and drinks to Legion Field?

Bottles, cans, coolers, and other food may not be brought into the stadium at American Legion Post 325 field. And for yours and our safety, the Braves reserve the right to inspect all bags, purses, etc. that enter the gate.

How do I get a birthday or anniversary wish announced over the PA?

While we try to honor requests for birthday and anniversary announcements, we sometimes can not get them all. One tip is to call ahead and a Braves staff member know which game the birthday person or anniversary couple will be attending (in addition to supplying us with the necessary info such as name, birthday, age, etc.).

Will the game be delayed?

Rain or shine, the dedicated grounds crew at American Legion Post 325 Field will be working up until the first pitch to make sure that the field is primed and ready to go for the game. Fans are encouraged to check the weather before heading to the park and to plan accordingly for any potential inclement weather. If you have specific questions, please call 434-797-3792 or check our social media channels.

What happens if the game is cancelled?

If the game is cancelled before it's official (4 ½ innings if the Braves are winning, 5 if they aren't), you can trade the rain check portion of your ticket in for any other regular season game - unless your game choice is sold out or played on July 3rd. You can make the trade at the Braves office or at the ticket booth for that particular nights game.