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Hit Bull Win Podcast

Hit Bull Win Podcast is the official podcast of the Durham Bulls, launched in April 2019 and back for the 2021 season. The podcast - hosted by Bulls Assistant General Manager, Operations Scott Strickland and VIdeo & Digital Production Manager Patrick Norwood - focuses on behind-the-scenes access and stories to one of America's most famous Minor League ballparks and teams.

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Season 2

Episode 25
What could the 2021 season look like? When might it start? Durham Bulls Vice President, Baseball Operations Mike Birling joins the podcast to chat about trying to predict the future and being optimistic about this year, the differences fans may see in 2021, how special events in 2020 helped prepare for this upcoming season, and advice for college students who are interested in working in sports.

Episode 24
After Patrick ruins Scott's holiday 20 seconds into the podcast, the duo chat about the latest project at the DBAP replacing the Snorting Bull, and Bulls Director of Special Events LaTosha Smith stops by to discuss her journey working for the Bulls including opening the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and what special events at the DBAP could be like in 2021 before promptly shutting down all of Patrick and Scott's wild ideas.

Episode 23
Scott and Patrick chat with Bulls Assistant Director of Merchandise, E-Commerce Ashley Larson about her journey through baseball that got her from Florida to Durham, the shipping process of how a purchased order gets to a customer's door from the store, her favorite item and the process of selecting what designs make it to the sales floor.

Episode 22
Come for Scott and Patrick chatting with former Bulls coach and current Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Coach Kyle Snyder about the 2020 season and the challenges faced, the development of pitchers in the Rays system, his experiences in Durham and the impact playing at the DBAP has, and when he felt this year would be different for the Rays, stay for talk about a busy week at the DBAP, which included golf for the first time ever.

Episode 21
The Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series! Scott and Patrick talk about the Rays' postseason run, Randy Arozarena, preview the Fall Classic, and talk about all of the former Bulls players going for baseball's biggest prize.

Episode 20
Former Bulls broadcaster and current Rays broadcast Neil Solondz is back to chat about the Rays' playoff series with the Yankees, reflects on Tyler Glasnow's excellent Game 2 start, what baseball is like being played in a bubble, and bunting.

Episode 19
ESPN broadcaster Tom Hart stops by to chat about what being at home more this year, getting his start in sports by working in Minor League Baseball, his big break into television and Elliot Johnson stories.

Episode 18
Former Bulls broadcaster and current Rays broadcast Neil Solondz makes history by returning to the Hit Bull Win Podcast to chat about the Rays' first series of 2020, what it's like to cover the team this season, Ji-Man Choi's switch-hitting prowess and the new extra-innings rule.

Episode 17
Former Bull Justin Ruggiano stops by to talk with Scott about his road to the Major Leagues, as well as his time in Durham.

Episode 16
Duke baseball head coach Chris Pollard joins the podcast and recalls what March 12 was like for him and his club as the sports world shut down due to COVID-19 and the range of emotions since, what he is missing the most about not having baseball, how the shortened MLB Draft affects the college game, and what programs are doing right now during this time.

Episode 15
Scott chats with former Bulls player and Major Leaguer Elliot Johnson about how his start playing baseball and being signed by Tampa Bay, as well as some of his favorite memories from his time in Durham and his role in one of the most important moments in Rays history.

Episode 15
On May 22, Scott for Episode 15 talked with ESPN baseball analyst and columnist Buster Olney about when he knew he wanted to be a sportswriter and how he got his start, how Bull Durham compares to what Minor League Baseball was like back in that time, the biggest challenges to restarting the baseball season in 2020, the current landscape of the Tampa Bay Rays and what the final day of the trade deadline is like.

Episode 14
Episode 14 is a special Mail Bag episode, with Patrick and Scott answering your questions for the podcast. Topics include the best part about working for the Bulls, favorite theme nights, whether the DBAP is a hitter's or pitcher's park, and the best story with Wool E. Bull.

Episode 13
Patrick and Scott from a safe distance reflect on the Bulls' coronavirus response and the week sports stopped, what the atmosphere at that very first Bulls game back at the DBAP will be like. Current Tampa Bay Rays broadcaster and former "Voice of the Bulls" Neil Solondz also drops by to talk about the goings-on in Tampa Bay and the prospects Bulls fans will be able to look forward to once baseball begins again.

Episode 12
The Hit Bull Win Podcast returns for Season 2 with a new look! New host Patrick and old host Scott chat about the off-season, changes coming to the DBAP for 2020, and how a snow day turned into a perfect game at the DBAP. Plus, Bulls Vice President of Baseball Operations Mike Birling makes his first appearance on the podcast to chat about the Hit Bull Win Podcast's origin, what a VP of Baseball Operations with a Minor League Baseball team actually does, and his ring collection.

Season 1

Episode 11
One of the DBAP's best promotions? The Dancing Grounds Crew. Scott and Matt chat about why there's more to the Diamond Cutters than meets the eye, and look towards the team's playoff push as the season winds down. Plus they interview the team's Director of Retail/Team Travel Bryan Wilson, and Matt's modeling career also comes up.

Episode 10
Matt and Scott discuss all things rain - how and why games don't get postponed, who makes the call and tarp team discrepancies. Plus, they sit down with the Bulls' Executive Chef Curtis Wong to find out what his job actually entails.

Episode 9
Scott and Matt talk about Stranger Things Night, and some of the difficulties that come with working on a project owned by a large corporation. They also have an extended interview with Bulls radio broadcaster Patrick Kinas, who chats about his different relationships with different managers, and how he got selected to broadcast two different Olympic games.

Episode 8
Matt and Scott try to find out what happened to the missing Blue Monster, and some of the suspects who could've taken it. They also interview the person behind Wool E. Bull, and find out what it's like to be one of the most well-known personalities in the Triangle.

Episode 7.5
In a shortened episode and with Scott on vacation, Matt brings in two other colleagues to recap an historic weekend at the DBAP, highlighted by rehab appearances from Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Note: interview requests with Judge and Stanton were - for some reason - not granted.

Episode 7
Matt and Scott talk about the movie Bull Durham, and how important the movie was in turning Durham into the hip city it is now, plus they discuss turkey burgers, no-hitter etiquette and Yankees All-Stars. They also interview Pat Phelan, the Bulls clubhouse manager, and chat about how he got his job and what keeps him going.

Episode 6
Scott and Matt discuss how and why they love what they do, including the perks of getting special ballpark food. Plus they debate whether or not they'd rather have free tickets or free concessions for life, and interview Bulls coach Quinton McCracken, who talks all things Duke, including playing football for Steve Spurrier.

Episode 5
Matt and Scott discuss the frustration and awkwardness of interacting with people who have no clue what lifestyle a member of a Minor League front office lives. Plus they debate whether or not Pittsburgh is an East Coast city, introduce a new "Would Your Rather" segment, and interview DBAP head groundskeeper Cameron Brendle and discuss what it's like to live at the stadium for a week.

Episode 4
Matt and Scott chat about the ACC Baseball Championship now Scott has woken up from his nap. They also chat with Tampa Bay Rays 2018 Minor League Player of the Year Nate Lowe, debate whether or not Durham Bulls Athletic Park is in Downtown Durham, and talk about how good the Bulls are.

Episode 3
Matt and Scott recap the Bulls' chaotic eight-game homestand, including Education Day parking challenges and kids who eat too much cotton candy. Plus they chat with Rays Director of Minor League Operations Mitch Lukevics who gives an overview on his job, tells some George Steinbrenner stories and talks about how he's seen Durham change in the last 25 years.

Episode 2
Matt and Scott talk about what it's like when the entire Bulls office shuts down to stuff 4,000 plastic Easter Eggs, and then distribute 4,000 plastic Easter Eggs throughout the DBAP outfield. Plus they're joined by Joey Mellows (@BaseballBrit), an Englishman who quit his job to attend 162 baseball games this season.

Episode 1
In the pilot episode, new Bulls manager Brady Williams joins the show to talk about his initial impressions of Durham, his ultra-successful family and whether or not he'd take a charge while playing basketball. Matt and Scott also take listeners behind-the-scenes of pulling tarp, and how sometimes a colleague not showing up to a tarp pull results in free chicken biscuits.